XYZ Announces Acquisition of .Tickets – the Perfect Domain Ending for the Reopening Economy

The XYZ Registry, a global leader in the domain industry, is announcing the acquisition of .Tickets, another addition to its growing line of TLDs (Top Level Domains). Led by technology entrepreneur and domain veteran Daniel Negari, the XYZ Family of domain names have almost doubled from 12 to 23 in a short period of time.

The .Tickets domain stands out from the Registry’s recent relaunches as a premium-priced namespace. Where valuable registrations in mass-market domain endings like .Makeup, .Autos, and .Homes are being marked down 60-99% by the Registry, .Tickets will remain at its current price, continuing to carry an average registration and renewal cost of $500 per year MSRP.

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XYZ has removed complicated registration restrictions and standardized policies to align with XYZ Domain Name Policies in order to provide additional access and availability for artists, brands, individuals and venues to tap into premium domain name opportunities. Customers can trust the value of a premium namespace by recognizing that the XYZ Registry is considered an innovator in the market, creating unique and disruptive opportunities for domain customers and registrars that challenge tradition.

The benefits of securing a domain in a premium namespace like .Tickets range from availability of short, easy to remember branding, more relevant and unique marketing opportunities that can lead to a more memorable online presence, and potentially provide greater security and tracking for brands.

The security benefits of buying a domain name in a premium namespace mean you will own a domain where it is cost prohibitive for bad actors to “squat” on your associated brand names or launch phishing campaigns on cheap similar-looking domains to steal your customers’ data. Buying a domain name in a premium namespace (where every registration carries a premium price) means you can save money by registering your desired URL for $500/year MSRP, without also having to pay thousands yearly to secure hundreds of different permutations of that URL that might be attractive to bad actors trying to steal data.

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“Bringing .Tickets to a global audience through XYZ’s network of partners is the latest move by the XYZ Registry in our mission to bring competition and choice to users worldwide,” says Negari. “As demand for new experiences increases, businesses ramping up online & touchless ticket sales will want to pursue secure and relevant naming options. The process of online ticketing consumes massive amounts of private data at lightning speeds – an industry where that extra layer of security from a premium namespace and the benefits of a unique and cutting-edge website address are necessary.

“Simplifying registration requirements and standardizing policies are the first step in increasing distribution through ICANN accredited registrars. We plan on working closely with our global partners to bring .Tickets domains to your favorite retailer soon.”