Zyte to Host Fourth Annual Web Data Extraction Summit

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An event for all data lovers to come together to educate, inspire and innovate

Zyte, the leader in reliable web data extraction for enterprises and small businesses, announced the agenda for its fourth annual Web Data Extraction Summit. The conference explores the power of web data and its impact on business innovation and growth. Starting at 9 am BST (UTC+1), the event will take place at the iconic County Hall near Westminster Bridge. Professionals interested in the most recent trends and developments in data extraction will learn web scraping best practices, how web data helps create competitive advantages, as well as how to apply these to improve business growth strategies in their respective industries.

With over 200 expected attendees, including engineers, data scientists, and CXOs looking to understand the developments in state-of-the-art web data extraction and use cases. Attendees will have the opportunity to network with the world’s leaders who are achieving success in utilising open web data.

Zyte CEO, Shane Evans, will kick off with a keynote address titled “The State of the Web Data Industry in 2022,” which will explore the trends and challenges in the data extraction industry with an examination of current technology and an outlook on the future. Evans’ keynote will be followed by a series of engaging talks by a diverse group of web data innovators, product managers and Zyte executives examining experiences and insights aimed at educating, inspiring and informing.

The 2022 Web Data Extraction Summit will focus on the following themes:
>Scaling your web scraping – Learn practical how-tos with technical talks that help you overcome challenges around quality, scalability, and accessibility.
>Ethical web data extraction – Learn how to scrape web data respectfully. Hear all about the web scraping best practices and ethical use cases.
>Innovation in web scraping – Web scraping is the tool that gives companies a competitive edge. Find out the innovative ways in which businesses use web scraped data
>The future of the web scraping industry – AI, machine learning, and what does the future hold for data extraction?

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The session content will focus on authentic stories highlighting experiences and insights from leaders as they share their knowledge on extracting web data and using it in innovative ways. Attendees will see real-world implementations of the Zyte platform and derive insights from experts and colleagues as they share their knowledge and network with other web data experts. Additionally, the event will provide a showcase of Zyte’s newest technology release, providing the world with a new standard for reliability and ease of use in open web data extraction.

Featured sessions include:
–The state of the web data industry in 2022, Shane Evans, CEO, Zyte
–Practical machine learning to accelerate data intelligence, Peter Bray, CEO, Versionista
–Presenting a Web Data Maturity Model to help organizations benchmark their strategies against industry best practices, James Kehoe, Product Manager, Zyte
–How to ensure high-quality data while scaling from 100 to 100M requests/day, Glen De Cauwsecmaeckler, Lead Crawler Engineer, OTA Insight
–Sneak peek at the new innovations at Zyte, Iain Lennon, Chief Product Officer, and Akshay Philar, Head of Development, Zyte
–Architecting a scalable web scraping project, Neha Setia Nagpal, Developer Advocate, Zyte
–Ethical web scraping, Sanaea Daruwalla, Chief Legal Officer, Zyte
–Data collection in the health care industry, Pavan Attili, Senior Architect at H1
–Challenges in extracting web data for academic research, Hannes Datta, Professor of Marketing at Tilburg University
–Data mining from a bomb shelter in Ukraine, Alexander Lebedev, Software Engineer at Hotjar
–How to source proxy IPs for data scraping, Neil Emeigh, CEO, Rayobyte
–The future of no-code web scraping, Victor Bolu, CEO, Webautomation.io
–Crawling like a Search Engine, Guillaume Pitel, CTO, Babbar

“Open web data collection is a mission-critical activity that is becoming increasingly important as organisations use web scraping and proxies to fuel their data needs,” said Shane Evans, CEO of Zyte. “As the world becomes more engaged with artificial intelligence, machine learning, and advanced analytics, reliable open web data is critical to fueling these algorithms and providing value. The Web Data Extraction Summit will highlight case studies, use cases, and best practices on overcoming these challenges and turning open web data into actionable business insight.”

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