7th China Internet Audio and Video Convention Focuses on New Marketing Driven by Synergy Between Content and Technology

The Empowering Marketing with Innovation forum, organized by Shunya International, was held in Chengdu on May 29 during the 7th China Internet Audio and Video Convention (CIAVC), marking the first time a marketing-focused session was held during CIAVC since the event was launched seven years ago. The session sparked active engagement and discussions among participants. The majority of the forum participants were of the opinion that the synergetic development between content and technology is accelerating the trend towards the implementation of new and innovative marketing solutions in a new era of intelligent marketing.

The forum focused on exploring new approaches to improving marketing results and effectiveness by promoting the seamless synergy between first-class content and first-class marketing technology as the technology continues to evolve and iterate with expanded application scenarios.

Given how markets and technologies are evolving, several platforms and brands are boosting their capabilities in data aggregation. The combination of huge information-rich databases and revolutionary marketing technologies is providing strong momentum across the industry. Staying the course in terms of general development goals while continuing to innovate and respond to changes in market conditions, internet audio and video platforms and brands now find themselves facing an urgent need to address the marketing sector’s demand for new marketing tools and solutions.

Marketing and branding departments have long been isolated from their technology units. As a result, companies are finding it difficult to align content creation with IT as they are not able to transform their marketing results qualitatively. This is due to their inability to examine their data assets comprehensively and strategically due to the lack of a systematic method for mastering and managing new technologies and capabilities.

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Shunya International, the organizer of the marketing forum, said there is a need for a strong third party to bring together first-class content with first-class technology, develop and build a digital marketing system and framework suitable for companies, enhance the ability to convert data into value, and, by doing so, achieve first-class marketing effects.

China Netcasting Services Association executive vice secretary-general Zhou Jie said at the forum that with the audio and video industry developing vigorously, platforms should think about how to make content reach the audience most quickly and directly, while brands need to gain an insight into the scenarios contained in the content so as to maximize the market value, as well as create more updated and effective solutions through the upgrading of marketing technology and the iteration of marketing model.

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As the first marketing forum of the China Internet Audio & Video Convention, the forum has attracted many platform and brand owners as well as researchers. Many industry leaders shared ideas, discussed trends and exchanged experiences at the forum. They held in-depth discussions on several topics including new marketing, video cloud and big data.

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