AnyClip Wins Funding from Google

Google News Initiative Innovation Challenge Supports the Creation of AnyClip’s AI-Powered Streaming Video Solution for Online Media Companies

AnyClip announced this week that it has received funding from the Google News Initiative’s Innovation Challenge to create Luminous Watch, a streaming video page experience for media companies that mimics the functionality and design of today’s most popular video-on-demand services while accessing advanced video management tools supported by a patented AI backbone.

Unlike traditional video solutions, which rely on expensive technology stacks and manually-operated content management tools, Luminous Watch disrupts the streaming paradigm with AI-powered tools and services that help digital media companies of any size or type to break into — and thrive in — the lucrative streaming video business.

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With a pay-as-you-go service model available with no up-front cost, Luminous Watch is easily added to any website or mobile app. Through a back-end platform, Luminous Watch ingests owned and licensed video and accesses AnyClip’s patented AI technology to analyze each video’s image and audio contents frame-by-frame. In this analysis, detailed keywords, people, brands, phrases images and actions are detected within each moment. This information is tagged to the content in the form of data, which is then used to structure content libraries and power advanced content search features used by editorial teams curating channels or playlists.

On the front-end of the platform, content data is then used to organize videos into a customizable hub of browsable channels and playlists. As viewers engage with this content, the platform automatically understands their interests and uses content data to organize playlists and channels of related videos to watch. All Luminous Watch streaming activity can be fully ad-supported, providing publishers with a valuable and sustainable new revenue opportunity.

AnyClip’s Luminous Watch was one of few projects selected out of more than 500 applications to the Google News Initiative (GNI)’s Global Innovation Challenge program. Launched in 2019, Google’s Innovation Challenges support the GNI’s global effort to work with the news industry to help journalism thrive in the digital age. Across a two-year period, GNI Innovation Challenges will allocate $30 million in funding to kickstart projects like Luminous Watch that support new thinking in online journalism and develop new publishing business models for news organizations.

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While the product’s audience and business benefits to publishers are substantial, AnyClip sees Luminous Watch’s impact as farther-reaching: a means to democratize how people get their news, shifting from push to pull experiences that embrace personalization versus editorialization, facilitated by technology.

“As behemoth conglomerates gain traction with audiences and advertisers alike, it is increasingly difficult for any publisher to thrive in today’s media landscape without new business models and new technologies,” says Gil Becker, AnyClip’s President and CEO. “Luminous Watch was invented with this need in mind: a way to radically change the way content is delivered to users, providing publishers with the same tools and smart engines used by today’s most evolved streaming services. We are grateful to Google for their funding of AnyClip’s Luminous Watch project and we are honored to support journalism in the digital age through our alignment with the Google News Initiative.”

AnyClip expects to release an initial version of Luminous Watch to publishers worldwide later this summer. The product is the fourth AI-powered streaming video solution introduced by AnyClip since 2018; previous Luminous Platform releases include Luminous Studio, an online video platform (OVP) offering flexible tools and services for editorial and operations teams; Luminous X, a fully-automated content recommendation video player; and Luminous N, a native content player that displays a site’s most recent articles, or a curated collection of articles, in a social video story format.

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