Boostpoint Launches Open Beta Stage Digital Ad Solution for Small Business

Building a brand name isn’t just for big businesses with big budgets. Boostpoint has launched the open beta stage of its ad solution, which empowers local businesses to grow their brands through simple, consistent, and cost-effective digital advertisements.

“Boostpoint targets, creates, submits, and measures Facebook and Instagram campaigns from one dashboard, making it easy for local business pros to run digital ads that produce ROI,” says Co-Founder and CEO Sam Beiler.

Businesses, like contractors, cafes, and real estate professionals, create ads within Boostpoint. Then, using a proprietary algorithm, the ad solution hypertargets potential customers in neighborhoods where the company is already working or wants to do more business.

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“After creating and targeting ads to display in front of your most likely customers, hit submit and the campaign goes live on the ad platforms you’ve chosen,” says Beiler.

The platform’s features also include customizable digital ad templates and real-time reporting. Boostpoint currently integrates with Facebook and Instagram; the addition of other popular ad platforms is in the pipeline.

Working with Co-Founder Jared Neff, Beiler developed the Boostpoint concept while serving as Marketing Director for Equipter, a manufacturer of debris control equipment for the roofing and contracting industries.

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“Cost-effective digital advertising helped Equipter grow into a national brand. We recognized that if the contractors we worked with had access to a tool that built out and simplified that type of strategy, they could more easily create a strong brand local consumers would remember,” says Beiler.

“The result is a solution that helps small businesses of all types, from restaurants to real estate, leverage digital advertising while saving time and money on their marketing. We’re very excited about Boostpoint’s potential to help local businesses grow.”

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