DeepSwap Makes “Deep Fake” Technology Accessible And Affordable

The team behind DeepSwap.AI are providing the tools to create high quality “deep fake” content with their new subscription-based platform

DeepSwap – the AI-powered web app that enables users to create “deep fake” face-swap videos – is offering users access to the rising technology and they believe that it can be monetized by those who understand the opportunity.

There are currently a variety of options for those looking to produce their own “deep fake” face-swap content. On the simpler side are filters on social media apps like Tik Tok and Snapchat that are available for free, but these are basic and aren’t going to hold up as comparable to raw footage. On the higher end, custom high quality “deep fake” video content can be rendered by skilled freelancers for hundreds, even thousands, of dollars.

Marketing Technology News:  Screena Releases the 1ST Movie Set in the Sandbox, Announces Its Plan to Build a Metaverse… is treading a middle ground by making high resolution “deep fake” video creation accessible to the mass market. The website operates with a freemium model: anybody can create up to two free face swaps each month but paying users are less restricted and can lose the site’s watermark.

There are complex issues surrounding “deep fake” technology, and passing tampered footage off as authentic, that are discussed in depth by the team at on their blog – a place where the benefits and the pitfalls of the technology they offer are openly explored. The most glaring issue is the misuse of the technology to create explicit content using someone’s face without their consent. In fact, explicit content represents 96% of all the “deep fakes” on the Internet, requiring regulators to act quickly to limit the harm caused. Another concern is the threat to security, both on a personal and national level, as “deep fakes” allow criminals to impersonate others with the potential to cause havoc.

Looking at more legitimate uses for “deep fake” technology, demand is on the rise and is being driven primarily by those in their 20s and 40s. Users are finding entertainment in inserting themselves or their family and friends into iconic movie scenes or personally meaningful video footage. Platforms such as Cameo have already proven that there is money to be made in providing highly personalized and video content. The team at DeepSwap believe there is a similar opportunity to generate income through the sale of “deep fake” face swap content, or even in teaching others how to create it themselves.

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