LiveMe Launches Broadcaster Development Program to Invest in Independent Creators

LiveMe Is Recruiting Dozens of Independent Creators and Dedicating Significant Resources to Groom Aspiring Broadcasters into Primetime Talent

Popular live broadcasting app LiveMe announced the launch of its Broadcaster Development Program to support and nurture emerging creators across all creative backgrounds and talents. As LiveMe’s first major initiative to scout and develop undiscovered talent, the program aims to provide independent creators with extensive training and resources to break into the lucrative world of live broadcasting.

Under the new program, LiveMe is recruiting dozens of independent creators and dedicating significant resources to groom aspiring broadcasters into primetime talent on LiveMe. In addition to an inaugural $100,000 creator fund, which provides financial incentives as creators develop their channels, LiveMe is also leveraging its digital properties and dedicating internal teams to support the program.

Creators in the Broadcaster Development Program are assigned dedicated talent managers, promoted on social channels, and receive prime exposure on LiveMe. Talent managers work closely with creators to help hone their talents and grow their channels, covering everything from creative development and influencer branding to audience engagement and monetization.

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Khudor Annous
Khudor Annous

“With the proliferation of smartphones, everyone has the power to create in-the-moment content and reach millions of people in the palm of their hands, yet very few are able to turn it into a living,” said Khudor Annous, Head of US Operations at LiveMe. “We believe everyone should have a platform to share their talents, gain an audience, and receive fair compensation for their work, so we’re truly excited to help independent creators build a strong foundation in the live broadcasting space.”

The initiative underscores LiveMe’s mission to empower independent creators in an increasingly adverse digital media environment. The current financial climate for creators remains dim as content platforms tighten monetization guidelines, leaving the average creator feeling disenfranchised while industry giants reap the benefits of their efforts.

With the Broadcaster Development Program, LiveMe is also aiming to bring a more diverse range of content to its users as live broadcasting becomes an increasingly influential form of mobile entertainment. Annous adds, “Live broadcasting is an exciting space that offers tons of untapped opportunities for creators, but we also want to ensure a safe and friendly environment that emphasizes positive, high-quality content for all kinds of audiences.”

Since launching in 2016, LiveMe has enabled independent creators from all walks of life to earn significant income through the app’s virtual gifting economy, which has generated more than $30 million in revenue for broadcasters and minted several new millionaires to date.

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