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Meet the NetRep Bulletin, NetReputation’s Response to Video on Social Media

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It’s Becoming More Clear That When People Are Trying to Grasp Subject Matter, They Always Prefer to Watch the Information Unfold Directly

Sending a clear message to audiences is an art form, effort that can take a single person to develop an idea or a whole team in charge. It begins with a spark of thoughts that later would be transformed into a piece of content that needs to be delivered in the most effective approach. It that sounds tricky, it is, and that’s when compelling tools that can help marketers and enthusiast come to help.

Video has always been used in all kinds of media: Movies, television, websites and so on; what’s fascinating right now, is that this medium is being used in the most creative ways right on social media in order to explain global/local issues, boost education and help others to understand what’s beneath the surface on certain topics.

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NetReputation is always looking for innovative possibilities that can reinforce the message it wants to send to its target audience. The company feels the same frustrations that people have when it is difficult to understand a dilemma and how there are solutions willing to fix common problems. This is why the company is launching a video series called The NetRep Bulletin, that will re-interpret in a more visual form themes about online reputation, news, case studies and so much more.

Meet the NetRep Bulletin, NetReputation's Response to Video on Social Media
Ryan Burdziak

Ryan Burdziak, Marketing Manager at NetReputation, informed, “Animation, info-graphics, video, SEO, interactive media and many other mediums are being used to create an environment in which NetReputation can become a leader in this industry, I think we’re succeeding at that. Laura’s Perfect Leash is a short film now in development stage made for NetReputation.”

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NetReputation’s videos will be like three-dimensional essays in which people will see outstanding imagery, a story told through text and awesome insights like no other piece of media can do. All of this is powered by NetReputation’s partnership with Factland, a content laboratory that works tirelessly to develop persuasive material for businesses and individuals on the web.

The NetRep Bulletin is a new way in which the company can interact with its followers in a very rich and intuitive style. Users will now see through their timeline on Facebook or Instagram and find a good source of information that not only fortifies a relationship between consumer and service but also enlightens in a very useful direction.

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