New ProveIt-Now! ™ App Offers Content Capture That Can’t Be Altered Without Detection

A free smartphone app that allows users to take photos, video or audio that can’t be altered without detection.

ImageKeeper, LLC announced today the launch of its Kickstarter campaign for its free consumer app, “ProveIt-Now!™”. The app allows the user, at the press of a button, to capture photo, video, or audio on their smartphone or tablet, that cannot be altered without detection. With the proliferation of deepfakes, manipulated video, and edited photos, the threat of being victimized is real and growing according to the FBI’s recent Private Industry Notification (PIN) 210310-001, dated 20 March 2021.

Kickstarter Campaign
The Kickstarter campaign begins September 7, 2021, and is scheduled to run for approximately 30 days. Supporters can pledge from $5 up to $50, with rewards provided for each donation level and available immediately at the close of the campaign. The ProveIt-Now™! App will be available for free in the Apple App Store during the campaign.

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Certified Media™ technology
The app incorporates ImageKeeper®’s patented Certified Media™ technology, which supports Department of Justice (DOJ) Federal Rules of Evidence (FRE) Rule 902 Self-Authentication of Evidence. All photos, video, and audio recordings captured using the app will have high evidentiary value in legal proceedings: the user will have irrefutable evidence that an event happened at a precise date, time, location, elevation, angle your device was pointed, user identity, and more. With Certified Media™, it’s also easy to confirm that media hasn’t been altered, should the need arise. More information about the app is available at .

Why Kickstarter?
This is the first Kickstarter campaign for the company, which has two business apps in the Apple App Store. According to Marc Roberts, VP Business Development, “We felt that a Kickstarter campaign would provide the ideal environment for creating value with early adopters while providing much needed usage feedback. This is our first consumer app and we want to get it right.”

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