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Are You Prepared to Run Your Office Remotely?

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Businesses all over the world are now taking part in what is being called the “largest work-from-home experiment”. A powerful digital communication solution is paramount to keeping teams and customers connected when flexible working arrangements come are in place. maaiiConnect, a revolutionary digital convergence platform, comes in to help businesses remain on track even when employees are required to work remotely.

During uncertain times, leading-edge technology has the power to erase geographic barriers and support a cohesive office environment without a physical presence. The key to an effective digital office is a powerful communication ecosystem – one that transcends borders, channels, and devices to put the customer’s experience at the heart of every interaction.

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A truly connected workplace empowers employees to convert more enquiries into sales leads and deepen relationships with existing and potential customers from anywhere in the world. M800‘s revolutionary maaiiConnect provides a free, cloud-based digital convergence platform that combines capabilities of voice and video, chat messaging, and identity products so companies can interact with customers on their favourite channels through one convenient interface.

A Digital Workplace

A wide array of communication tools is available to help businesses stay globally connected. Traditional telecom options like IDD, DID, and Toll-Free, though secure and of quality, may cause a heavy financial burden for businesses. On the other hand, common social networking sites, though economical, their communication capabilities may not necessarily meet an organization’s standards on security and call quality. Handling engagement with customers and internal stakeholders prove challenging for businesses, especially if there are no means to centralise the visibility and management of multiple platforms.

In the age of enterprise mobility, customer engagement should have the best mix of digital technologies that are both easy to manage and capable of addressing global interactions from multiple channels, protocols, and devices. By integrating a suite of web-based communication services into a single interface, maaiiConnect keeps global enterprises connected to their customers anytime, anywhere, and on any device. It empowers employees to be effective and productive even if they have to work remotely.

  • Web Widget Calls – Customers can initiate a chat or a voice conversation from a widget on your web page.
  •  Web Link Calls – Customers can initiate a chat or a voice conversation from a web link.
  • QR Code Calls – Customers can initiate a chat or voice conversation from a QR code.
  • Video Calls – Your front-office can initiate a video conversation from their web browser.
  • Phonebook – You can manage all interactions in one place, by directing external call or chat enquiries to designated service managers.
  • One Dashboard – With real-time reporting, you can monitor and analyse communication logs to optimize the efficiency of your call center and service managers.

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Secure, Reliable and Free

maaiiConnect is supported by M800’s proprietary infrastructure, a highly secure cloud-based solution bolstered by its globally distributed network. Its carrier-grade quality is guaranteed by over 28 PoPs across Asia, Europe, and the United States, more than 160 global carrier partners worldwide, and a commitment to 99.95% service level agreement (SLA).

The platform is also compliant with the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) data privacy and protection, as well as the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI-DSS) regulatory standards.

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