As More Sales Funnels Shut Down, New Options Emerge

MediaFast Helps Businesses Get in Front of Clients Amidst Social Distancing

MediaFast has been creating video brochures long before the current shutdown, but they are especially relevant today as businesses must rely even more on video communication. “Video Brochures have the ability to fill your sales funnel even when you can no longer travel to conventions or meet in the same room. They allow Sales and Marketing teams to communicate from afar in a very memorable and engaging way,” said MediaFast President, Amy Hafen.

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What is a video brochure? It’s a combination of a paper brochure with a built-in LCD video screen, navigation buttons, and speaker. Video brochures aren’t just one-and-done. You can change your video at any time and recharge the battery. MediaFast’s products are customizable in many ways such as final size, print embellishments, memory capacity, screen size, button navigation, battery life, and more.

The difference between a video brochure and a video mailer is the delivery channel. A brochure is typically handed to a client whereas the video mailer is delivered to a targeted list via FedEx, UPS, USPS, etc. Video mailers have proven to generate much higher open rates than traditional mail pieces.

Video boxes also impress prospects by having the video and audio component, accompanied by product samples and gifts. “This technology ensures that your message is actually watched because it’s delivered without any competition to a captive audience,” Hafen stated.

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To show how effective they are, here are two examples of MediaFast client success stories:

The first one is an Investment advisory company who was interested in improving response rates of their current mail campaign. They conducted a split test using 1,000 of their traditional mailers and 1,000 video mailers. The split test resulted in a 66% response increase for the video mailer campaign. To confirm, the test was done two more times with the same outcome. As a result, they transitioned to all video mailers three years ago and report a 79.4% increase in sales.

The second highlight of ongoing success was for an ad agency with the goal of new customer acquisition. The agency used a video box so they could add a gift for a more personal touch. If they knew the prospect was a Yankees fan, they included something Yankees related and a video testimonial addressing recommended solutions. The campaign of 350 boxes was a huge success. This client reported, “Purchasing the video boxes completely changed our business. It made a huge impact on our clients and made us stand out from the competition. We were able to have conversations with prospects who never took our calls before receiving the video box.”

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