Tencent Video Ranked on Global Top 30 Apps by Revenue in September

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Tencent Video Was The Only Video App From China On The List

According to Sensor Tower Store Intelligence’s data of September 2017, Tencent Video ranked 30th on global top 30 apps by revenue across both Apple’s App Store and Google Play. Most notably, Tencent Video was the only video app from China on the list.

Tencent Video was also September’s No. 6 revenue earner of App Store in China, leaving all other video apps far behind. As the leading online video interactive platform in ChinaTencent Video is designed to cater for all different audiences with rich and smooth entertainment experience through variety of high-definition videos.

On September 28, Tencent Video announced that it had over 43 million paying subscribers (or VIP subscribers), which set a new record in the industry. Tencent Video’s achievements of robust growth of VIP subscribers and app revenue rankings benefited from a full range of high quality and diversified content including TV series, variety shows, anime & comics and children programs, all setting a series of new records in the industry.

For example, Nothing Gold Can Stay, the exclusive IP drama on Tencent Video, hit over 10 billion views in September. Tencent Video also invested in original series such as Line Walker 2 and musical shows such as The Coming OneThese premium programs not only attracted new subscribers but also became hugely popular sensations.

Looking forward, Tencent Video plans to increase investment on content while using innovative ways to optimize the experience of VIP subscribers.

Tencent Video has stored up hundreds of top-grade series and hot shows in the pipeline, such as Peacekeeping Infantry Battalion, Ruyi’s Royal Love in the Palace, Legend of Fu Yao, The King’s Avatar, Sand, The Tomb of Ghost Blows Out the Light 2, and The Coming One, Roast, to name a few. All these videos will be broadcasted exclusively on the platform, enhancing Tencent’s unparalleled leading position in China‘s online video market, in terms of VIP subscriber growth, services, content, and revenue.

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