Lexus and Universal Latin Partner with Mirriad to Reach Key Audiences During 2021 CONCACAF Gold Cup

Mirriad, the leading in-video advertising company powered by Academy Award Winning technology,  announced its partnership with Lexus and Universal Latin surrounding the 2021 CONCACAF Gold Cup, which took place July 10-August 1, 2021.

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Today, brands are faced with the challenge of reaching relevant younger audiences with a reported 82 percent of Gen Z skipping advertisements and more than half using ad blockers. Through Mirriad, Lexus partnered with Universal Latin on the Gold Cup’s anthem music video, featuring Latin artist Cali y El Dandee. By leveraging Mirriad’s AI technology to embed products and signage throughout the music video, Lexus was able to extend audience reach during a time when viewers are most engaged with content while not disrupting the viewing experience.

“The fragmented media landscape makes it challenging for brands to break through the environment to seamlessly connect with audiences,” said Mia Phillips, Senior Manager of Advertising & Media at Lexus. “In-content advertising, powered by Mirriad’s AI technology, has provided an avenue for us to engage with consumers in an authentic and innovative way that drives optimal results.”

With Mirriad, brands are able to reach niche audiences by being seamlessly digitally inserted into the wide range of multi-genre programming instantly creating new advertising inventory. As the US Hispanic population is expected to grow from 60 million to 140+ million by 2050, brands must identify authentic and non-disruptive ways to engage with the audience. For this campaign, Lexus had complete control over how the brand was featured, ensuring brand safety, while simultaneously reaching the Hispanic market, in the most impactful place.

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“It’s great to see advertisers like Lexus allocating larger portions of their advertising budgets to empower minority artists, creators and content owners,” said Maria Teresa Hernandez, VP of Sales & Brand Partnerships at Mirriad. ”As a Latina myself, I’m proud of the work we’re doing at Mirriad to grow our multicultural content portfolio, serving as a bridge for brands to weave into culturally relevant moments in content, all powered by our AI integration tech.”

“The Concacaf anthem music video provided a unique opportunity to merge music and sports – two passions for the Hispanic American market – in an authentic and impactful way,” said Eddie Cota, Director, Brands & Partnerships at Universal Latin. “Leveraging Mirriad’s AI technology allowed a seamless ad integration without jeopardizing the true message of the love and enthusiasm the audience has for soccer.”

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