Martech Interview with Amy D. Love, CMO of SambaNova Systems

Marketers need to have better insights into the state of their customer’s end-to-end journey and experience, Amy D. Love, CMO of SambaNova Systems shares a few tips:


Tell us more about your journey so far, what’s it like being the first CMO at SambaNova Systems?

SambaNova provided an amazing opportunity for me to join a well-respected, highly experienced and accomplished group of cross-functional leaders destined to change the business, mission and science landscapes, and deliver new insights that will profoundly impact the way organizations achieve success. The team has developed a breakthrough AI/ML product platform delivering against a previously unattainable value proposition that is fundamentally changing how businesses and organizations gain insights and take action with their data. Just like our solution that enables results in weeks rather than years, I’m working with a great go-to-market team to accelerate engagements and our global presence.

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In fact, what should first-time CMOs of small and upcoming companies be focusing on as they undertake this role?

No matter the size, these five roles are key to strong CMO leadership and you will need to know how to flex each of them based upon the stage of your company: 

  • Growth Accelerator
  • Vision and Results Enabler of the Marketing Mix and Go-To-Market Team
  • Innovation Driver for the Customer Experience
  • Chief Storyteller, and
  • Customer Champion

I have been blessed in my career to have the opportunity to lead marketing organizations many times, including at Fortune 500 companies and earlier stage startups. Relationships matter, not just the quality of the work you lead and deliver.  Creating a trusted advisor role with your CEO and Board is essential, as is building strong relationships with your peers if you want to have the broadest impact on the market. Creating a shared mission, vision and charter with your go-to-market team will also accelerate outcomes through alignment and empowerment.

Tell us about some of the key marketing plans you have in mind to drive goals at SambaNova?

SambaNova is accelerating both GTM activities and its global presence. It’s truly an exciting time to be setting the course for GTM success leveraging the abilities of the product (chip, hardware and software) to meet the unmet needs of the Global 2000. Key areas of focus include demonstrating category advantage and using brand to drive demand by accelerating customer understanding for the new paradigm in AI/ML. 

To meet our growth objectives, it also includes bringing more team members on board, which means paying special attention to scaling requirements, including culture and accountability.

For a marketing leader, in your view, what should be the top aspects to consider when building out a new team and new processes?

First and foremost understand the needs of the business going forward. Listen and learn, test hypotheses, and then proceed.   Build to where you are going, not where you are. 

Understand what is working and why, scale it, then look to bring in efficiencies. Waste no efforts. Create scalable, repeatable processes, and metrics from the outset. Leverage tests and trials — fail fast, learn, understand, adjust, and accelerate. Always stay curious. Ask lots of questions and leverage MarTech for insights and scaling. There are more than 8,000 martech solutions available. Find the ones that are right for your business.

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Tell us about some of your biggest marketing learnings so far and a brief dive into some of the top martech tools that have enabled your marketing efforts through the years?

We have an amazing set of customers doing amazing things that will forever change the landscape of industries and organizations. This allows us to share magical stories of impact based on the reality of outcomes. It is very compelling to understand what is happening now with AI and ML and what can be accomplished given the strength of the technology. 

Having the ability to see into Customer Buying Journeys before the customer even talks with someone in Sales is huge.  Leveraging intent data to drive ABM outreaches while also having the ability to serve up content and ads in different environments allows for connections that drive results. Communication tools are also ever increasing in their value when they can make a direct connection.  And always remember, the relationship the buyer has with your company’s brand is critical to the lasting and enduring success of your business. There are many tools available to let the customer tell their story about working with your brand. 

In what ways do you see the role of the typical B2B CMO evolving today?

Today, CMOs need to be able to straddle Strategic Imperatives and Tactical Leadership.  Today’s impactful B2B CMOs must wear multiple hats while also augmenting their strong suits with talent on their team.  Brand, Demand, Comms, Product, and Digital are all essential skills and experiences B2B CMOs must possess. They must also be an active stakeholder in discussions ranging from product roadmaps, coverage models, and competitive insights while remaining the customer champion.

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SambaNova Systems brings #AI innovations developed in advanced research to organizations around the world, helping to create AI for everyone, everywhere.

Amy D. Love is the CMO of SambaNova Systems

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