The People Platform From Epicenter Selected by National CineMedia and Screenvision Media For Future Of Cinema Audience Measurement

Deploying Always-On, Location-Based Mobile Measurement Enables Geo-Verified Response from Over 95M Consumers in U.S.; Feeds Cinema Data Into Nielsen Media Impact Platform

Epicenter Experience announced that their technology The People Platform has been selected by cinema advertising industry leaders National CineMedia (NCM) and Screenvision Media as the new future of Cinema audience measurement.

Through its cloud-based mobile technology, The People Platform is purpose-built for the Experience Economy, enabling authentic conversations between individual consumers and companies in near real-time to unlock a comprehensive understanding of customer experience and behavior.

The People Platform will feed Cinema audience data into the Nielsen Media Impact Platform, allowing advertising agencies to continue to evaluate Cinema audience estimates alongside all other traditional television, premium video, and impression-based media options in their media planning and buying systems.

Executive Remarks

“With products like Nielsen Media Impact, it is our intention to be able to provide the industry with the most robust set of media channels possible for advertisers to intelligently figure out where to most effectively place their advertising dollars,” said Jay Nielsen, SVP Global Media Planning at Nielsen. “Getting more premium video sources like Cinema audiences added to our comprehensive set of media behaviors is a huge win for the industry.”

“The Cinema industry’s selection of Epicenter as its preferred audience measurement partner represents the future of mobile Cinema audience measurement. By following moviegoers outside the home, wherever they may be in their consumer journey, advertisers will now be able to track the trajectory of this very attractive consumer audience segment before, during and after they sit down to see a theatrical movie,” said George Brady, CRO of Epicenter. “We believe that this type of direct connection with moviegoers will enable advertisers to build more valuable brand relationships with this often hard to reach, young, cord-cutting audience in a way that was not possible before.”

“Epicenter’s The People Platform is not only a next-generation Cinema measurement system – we see it as an enhanced lens by which we can view our audiences interacting with and experiencing advertisers’ brands through this innovative new in-location and geo-verified measurement tool in a way not previously available to us,” said Doug Pulick, Senior Vice President, Strategic Insight & Analytics with National CineMedia (NCM). “As major Hollywood movies hit the big screen again and large audiences start returning to their local movie theaters again, 2021 will be an exciting new year for both movies and for movie audience measurement.”

“Epicenter’s use of geo verified data adds another dimension to what we were previously able to measure,” said Sarah Barasch, Senior Vice President, Insights & Measurement, Screenvision Media. “Their investment in people and technology further advances industry metrics and will prove highly valuable to studios, exhibitors and our advertising partners.”

“Brands have been pushing the advertising industry to measure actual people, who are verified to be in a location to prove the value of ‘in the moment’ advertising,” said Sean Cunningham, President of the VAB and an outspoken supporter of Cinema advertising.  “The People Platform empowers networks like NCM and Screenvision with an opportunity to prove the unique value of their on-screen, as well as their digital, assets through geo-verified consistent, quality audience metrics.”