Vidoomy Launches Its Self-Service Platform Allowing Websites to Integrate Video Advertising Within Minutes

Vidoomy, the media monetization platform with video advertising, has gone a step further by streamlining the process of integrating video advertising ads. Vidoomy simplifies this process, which usually involves a long process, and reduces it to just a few minutes.

Vidoomy has launched its new platform for the registration and automatic integration of new publishers through its website. For the registration, the editors just have to follow a few simple steps .Once registered, a professional team will evaluate and approve the website, so that in less than 24 hours you can begin to monetize the inventory.

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The policy of accepting new publishers of the brand is very similar to Google AdSense with the exception that websites have to have a minimum of 3 million pageviews per month to be accepted.

According to Marcos Cuesta, CEO of Vidoomy, “Having automated this procedure was a requirement of the digital advertising industry. Now we offer the possibility of self-management to all editors and we will continue to grow in the acquisition of new inventories.”

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In the automatic process, the Publisher can choose the format he wants to integrate in his website: the Preroll, for portals with videos, which can integrate the add before the start of the video, as YouTube does), or the Slider, a format for websites that do not have video content.

All its formats are compatible with Google Adsense and display, so it represents a new source of revenue for the websites without the need to eliminate any other type of advertising.

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