Video Conferencing Services Provider, IVCi, Discusses How Audio Visual Equipment Can Expand an Attorney’s Client Base

Video conferencing capabilities are a powerful business tool in any industry, but they can have especially striking benefits in the law industry. Installing high-quality AV equipment in a firm office may sound like quite the investment, but there are several ways a law firm can benefit from having video conferencing available to them 24/7. One of the most significant ways AV equipment can impact a law firm is the potential for a much larger attorney client base. Video conferencing services provider, IVCi, discusses how audio visual equipment can expand an attorney’s client base below.

  • Connect with global clients face-to-face: Equipped with modern and high-quality audio visual equipment, the world is in your firm’s hands. Instead of communicating with valuable clients outside of your domestic sphere through long emails and phone calls, an AV set-up allows you to connect with clients face-to-face. With a good microphone, quality camera, and an internet connection, your client pool can expand exponentially, giving you the opportunity to provide those global clients with the same quality legal experience you give your domestic clients. Having a consistent form of clear communication between attorney and client allows for freer and continuous exchange of information, so everyone is always on the same page of the case.

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  • Flexible and productive meetings regardless of location: AV equipment allows your firm to stay connected with clients, witnesses, and specialists assisting on the case, regardless of everyone’s location. Those involved in a case can gather in a video conferencing room to question and compile information all at once, without a series of long email chains or missed phone calls. So long as everyone has a camera microphone and internet, a case or firm meeting can happen at any second, in any place, allowing for more flexible meeting times across the board, as well as higher productivity rates.
  • Increased levels of productivity: To expand on productivity levels, AV equipment allows firm employees to reach out to multiple clients and specialists a day without leaving the office. This allows employees to cover numerous cases without travel costs, increasing the amount of information and content exchanged between the firm and its clients and correspondents, and possibly leading to a more thorough case write-up and improved court performance. All of these factors combined contribute to a higher productivity level, but it all begins with sophisticated AV equipment in the firm office.

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Equipping firm employees with an integrated, high-quality video conferencing experience will allow them to incorporate it into their workflow seamlessly, expanding your client reach and increasing your firm’s productivity in the process. Find out how the right video conferencing equipment can transform your law firm’s workflow today.

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