Extech-Ideas announces the release of a first-of-a-kind marketplace for virtual consultations on the getFUNDA platform.

The last few decades have completely revolutionized the way we obtain information – everything we want to know, no matter how big or small, we find online. Somewhere along the way, we have forgotten that it is us humans who put that information on the internet in the first place.

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getFUNDA aims to turn back the clock, dis-intermediate the internet (in a way), and help online users reach the source – human experts who often have spent a lifetime becoming an expert on a subject and almost always have gained that knowledge through experience. We believe that a good conversation with an expert can be better than a thousand searches for specific information and expertise.

The name getFUNDA comes from the word FUNDA (derived from FUNDAMENTAL) that is colloquially used in many parts of the world to signify sound knowledge in a subject.

getFUNDA aims to connect those who are ready to share their knowledge (funda experts) and those who are looking to learn (funda seekers). The platform allows users (funda experts) to create a profile, specify hourly rates for consultations, and configure availability for appointments. Any user seeking a conversation with an expert (funda seeker) can book an appointment, pay the consulting fee, and complete a one-on-one virtual consultation with the expert on the platform. Experts also get a unique link/handle that can be conveniently put in email signatures, social media profiles, and shared with their network so that interested users may easily reach them. Users can access an expert’s profile with a single click.

getFUNDA, designed to be an open platform, has a vast array of expertise topics that experts can provide consultations on. New topics/subjects are continuously being added based on valid user requests.

GetFUNDA taps into the proven tech trends, the gig economy, the global reach of tech/social media platforms, and the virtual “zoom economy” that allowed us to operate amidst lockdowns and quarantines. The platform is suited for multiple social/demographic segments. For example, with a significant part of the US workforce retiring, often referred to as the “biggest brain drain”, and the median 401K savings at an inadequate 82,000 USD, getFUNDA is in a position to mitigate both problems. Retirees with expertise and lifelong experience can choose to provide consultations suited to their time and lifestyles, accessing another source of income while access to their pool of knowledge benefits national competitiveness. Independent Consultants including career counseling, coaching, leadership development, interview preparation, and public speaking can also leverage the platform to easily manage their appointments and provide consultations to their clients.

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