simpleshow Video Maker Increases Global Collaboration with 20+ Added Languages

simpleshow, the platform for services around explainer videos, has released a new feature extending its text-to-video functionality to more than 20 languages

As worldwide collaboration has become paramount, simpleshow, the creators of simpleshow video maker, have presented a product update to help global companies and users all over the world become more connected and achieve increased levels of productivity.

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A comprehensive language integration enables the processing of text in almost two dozen languages and a smart conversion into video using artificial intelligence. These twenty new languages, in addition to the existing English and German options, make it possible for the software to immediately benefit a larger share of users and major business markets throughout the world.

Karsten Boehrs, CEO of simpleshow, points out simpleshow’s universal approach to communication: “Especially our corporate clients demand a simple solution to effectively communicate with coworkers, customers, and other stakeholders across the globe. simpleshow video maker is the simplest solution we can envision to effectively connect with your audience. Language is no longer a barrier, but simply an individualization option.”

The newly added multi-language capabilities seamlessly integrate with the sophisticated, AI-powered engine behind the simpleshow video maker, which features great ease-of-use and maximizes time-efficiency by automatically turning the text into an animated explainer video at the touch of a button.

The updated list of available options includes, but is not limited to, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, a wide range of Romance languages, Russian, and other European languages. For a 3-month launch period, this feature will be available to all users of simpleshow video maker for free.

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