talkshoplive Launches the First Ever Live-Streaming Social Selling Network

talkshoplive Video Platform Includes All the Tools and Resources Needed by Vendors 

talkshoplive launched an offering for everyone from small business owners to mainstream brands and influencers a platform to create their own live streaming home shopping shows. The first network of social selling shows powered by user-generated content and it is also a full-service storefront and an intimate shopping exchange never before experienced in online purchasing for sellers and buyers.

The innovative platform is set to disrupt the online retail revenue model. talkshoplive is the first social media platform to offer an interactive and immersive live shopping experience. This allows entrepreneurs to host their own live product demonstration shows, chat in real-time with potential customers, and close sales by driving to a one-click buy button. Complete with order management and pre-paid shipping labels, It also allows anyone, anywhere, to run their own live shopping business irrespective of the budget size. Every live stream show has a ‘BUY’ button and can be shared to play live on other social media platforms, including Facebook mobile and Twitter.
talkshoplive™ Launches The First Ever Live-Streaming Social Selling Network
Bryan Moore

“The traditional home shopping show is losing relevance because it does not incorporate user-generated content. The experience doesn’t just allow for modern and authentic commerce, it provides a true measurement of influencer impact. As influencer marketing has kicked into high gear, talkshoplive offers a tangible look at ROI from influencers that no other social media platform can offer a brand. It is not about how many real or bought impressions they can garner, but rather how many items they can move,” said Bryan Moore, talkshoplive, co-founder.

“We facilitate a dialogue between buyers and sellers in a live setting that has not yet been available online. We’re creating economic opportunity for both small sellers and large brands alike, with buyers having direct access to creators of products and the people who love them. We created a platform to help people actualize their own American dream, and make it come true,” added co-founder Tina Moore.

From dressmaker Julie Mollo (best known as the creator of pop star Katy Perry’s iconic fruit-inspired ensembles) to America’s favorite Tupperware queen in Alabama to a succulent wall designer in Los Angeles to digital stars Megan Nicole (with a clothing and accessories line) and Chloe Lukasiak (with her book), talkshoplive’s inaugural brands and sellers are sure to pique interest and offer unique products – all while proving that this platform is for everyone.  Look for legacy retailers, celebrities and more exciting independent sellers to be announced in the coming weeks.

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The talkshoplive video platform includes all the tools and resources needed by vendors to create their own live shopping show and bring their products into the homes of their customers around the world with ease and creativity. It provides sellers with their own digital storefronts, without the overhead costs of brick-and-mortar. This platform is available to both sellers on the website and for sellers on the iOS marketplace. It allows sellers to highlight product features and benefits by using a ticker that scrolls across the screen with pre-loaded text. Live shows can be linked to social media accounts and a seller’s email list that alerts his/her followers when he/she is live and selling.  After a sale is complete, the ease of shipping for sellers is unparalleled, they simply print the label, ship and get paid.

Shoppers have unlimited access to channels and live product shows with a talkshoplive Shopper account. Order processing and shipping are saved to profiles, making purchasing truly one click away. It makes it easy for buyers to follow profiles of brands and sellers they like, and to be notified when their favorite sellers have live shows or sales.

talkshoplive is a platform for brand new products. Sellers are not permitted to re-sell previously used the merchandise. All items sold on talkshoplive have a minimum of $10 value, and live video streams remain on the user’s page until the item has sold out, up to thirty days or until the seller chooses to end the sale. Each show has a duration of up to 15 minutes. talkshoplive shopping categories include Appliances, Automotive, Beauty & Health, Clothing, Eco-Products, Electronics, Home & Kitchen, Jewelry, Pet Supplies, Sports & Outdoors, Toys & Games and more.

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