Video Voicemails Bring Extra Love to the Terminally Ill

Loyalmobs, Inc. introduced, the first online “video voicemail” service to bring terminally ill people lots of video messages of love and support from loved ones, distant

Test driving the simple video greeting recording right from mobile or desktop web browser.

and not-so-distant, right from mobile or desktop web browsers.

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“Last year, when a family member unfortunately required hospice services, I prototyped a web page that made it easy for distant friends and relatives to send him videos expressing their love and support,” said Pardner Wynn, Chief Technology officer at Loyalmobs. The video voicemail messages were popular not only with the recipient, but also with distant friends and family who appreciated a simple way to unobtrusively send supportive video messages with more immediacy and intimacy than ecards or flowers or a regular voicemail. Inquiries from people who used it for one friend then wanted it for another friend led to developing the “real” version for public use.

The video voicemail service is designed to be made available to someone ill at no cost, if obtained from a sponsoring hospice or other organization. Sponsors typically pay $10 per client per month, with billing stopping automatically when a client’s usage stops. (Individuals may purchase a 3-month personal subscription for $95, but they are encouraged instead to ask their end-of-life caregiver or place of worship sponsor their usage.)

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Test driving what “John Doe” sees when he gets your message.

The website’s one-minute test drive requires no registration, and allows prospective users to record a short test video for a friend named “John Doe”, then see what John Doe’s video inbox looks like when their message arrives. (Test videos are automatically discarded a few minutes later.)

Loyalmobs, Inc. is a technology company that develops simple-to-use solutions for complex communication challenges.

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