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Videology Offers Advertisers and Agencies Free Access to DETVgo

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The New Product Allows Seamless Activation of Advanced TV Advertising Campaigns

Videology, a leading provider of converged TV and video advertising software, announced the launch of DETVgo — a self-service, automated advanced TV advertising product powered by the Videology platform. Videology will offer agencies and advertisers free access to DETVgo to help facilitate advanced TV transactions and introduce more users to its benefits.

The Videology platform offers a full suite of capabilities to support data-enabled TV advertising, including holistic planning and yield optimization capabilities. The DETVgo product is built on top of this platform. It serves as an access point for users interested in trialing the benefits of data-enabled TV advertising—including the potential for programmatic transactions between buyers and TV inventory providers. It is easy-to-use, seamless to deploy, and provides access to Videology’s superior data integrations, forecasting and optimization within a simple user interface.

Scott Ferber
Scott Ferber

“Videology has built a sophisticated platform for TV advertisers that can be customized to fit their specific needs, but these specialized, enterprise partnerships take time and commitment. At the same time, interest in advanced TV is escalating—advertisers want to get going, now. DETVgo is that gateway product. Technology should not be a barrier to better TV advertising. It should help propel the industry forward,” Scott Ferber, Founder and CEO, Videology said.

DETVgo Capabilities

DETVgo allows advertisers to reach their strategic target audiences with greater accuracy, with the capability of using approved advanced data sets, such as purchase behaviors, while maintaining the full scale and impact of traditional linear TV. DETVgo allows users to generate summary plans using those networks, programs or dayparts that will optimally deliver a strategic target in accordance with an advertiser’s selected goals.

By logging in to DETVgo, a user can immediately begin constructing and sizing audiences, or strategic targets, combining over 60,000 available data-segments. Once the strategic audience is finalized, DETVgo begins to generate an optimized TV plan working within the user’s designated media parameters and constraints. To do this, DETVgo scans all available TV inventory based on accurate, verified avails and pricing—a differentiating feature from other TV advertising technologies. This deep, always-on data integration with inventory partners helps to ensure audience delivery and mitigate the need for makegoods.

The summary plan is optimized toward delivering the strategic target against one of three selectable KPIs: total impression delivery, total reach, or audience composition (index). A plan summary along with proposed insertion order (IO) terms is then sent to the buyer, including bottom line pricing and full network and data transparency. If the buyer accepts the plan and signs the IO, the buy is executed. Post-campaign, the user receives consolidated delivery reporting.

Benefits Summary of DETVgo

DETVgo brings automation to multiple data-enabled TV components, such as audience creation, transacting and reporting, providing advertisers with the following benefits:

  • Faster execution of scalable, data-enabled TV campaigns
  • Hands-on access to audience segmentation and sizing capabilities
  • Greater workflow efficiency—with audience creation, plan generation, execution and reporting, all within one platform
  • Access to over 60,000 data segments across 26 categories
  • Ability to consistently apply data segments across major cable TV networks
  • Optimization against a strategic target based on accurate and automated pricing and avails from always-on integrations
  • Transparency of TV cable network and daypart mix allocation
  • Optional digital video campaign extensions to complement TV buy
  • Access to audience verification, brand metrics and sales impact studies

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