Leading global airline selects SandSIV’s VOC Hub To Manage Voice of Customer and Passenger Feedback

SandSIV’s Enterprise SaaS Platform Was Built From The Ground Up To Holistically Manage The Customer Experience

SandSIV, the Customer Experience (CX) Platform provider, has announced that one of the world’s largest airlines has selected SandSIV’s VOC Hub to unify and analyse its entire feedback ecosystem. The carrier joins other major business-to-consumer (B2C) brands in harnessing SandSIV’s next-generation CX platform as a global hub for Voice of Customer (VOC) intelligence.

Airlines have access to large amounts of internal and external passenger data, much of it unstructured. Big data techniques are now making it possible for them to use this to better understand how loyalty is driven by the experiences they provide. Those which have embraced this are able to focus on improvements in the areas that matter, cultivate customer loyalty and create competitive advantage.

SandSIV’s enterprise SaaS platform was built from the ground up to holistically manage the Customer Experience. Going beyond simple surveying, the cloud-based solution enables enterprises to put the voice of customer at the heart of their organisation – no matter the language, format or source of the feedback – and to act in real-time on relevant insights throughout the entire organisation.

Federico Cesconi, CEO, SandSIV commented, “In a world where the customer has the power of choice, it can be tough for airlines to provide a differentiated experience and appeal to the next-generation passenger.”

In relation to VOC intelligence, Federico continued: “Their main challenges relate to the proliferation of feedback sources, tools and channels, the variety of advanced customer analytics techniques that need to be consistently applied to turn raw data into meaningful insights and, of course, the security required to comply with stringent data privacy regulations.”

SandSIV addresses these challenges by delivering a fully integrated Voice of Customer solution that applies second generation deep machine learning (i.e. Google Brain’s TensorFlow) and advanced Natural Language Processing (i.e. Facebook AI Research’s fastText) – it allows the airline to gather data throughout its entire feedback ecosystem including social media, web/mobile, internal systems and external tools, and to perform in real-time unsupervised topic detection, automated categorisation and classification as well as language agnostic sentiment analysis.

With a track record of successfully delivering similar large engagements, SandSIV has reaffirmed itself as being the first choice for organisation requiring leading edge customer intelligence and advanced computational analytics software solutions. SandSIV’s VOC Hub™ is delivered as a SaaS solution or On Premises, and can be accessed and managed throughout the entire organisation.

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