Vidoomy Launches an Advertising Revolution. An Interactive Video That Even Allows You to Make Purchases

Video advertising has always been crucial when it comes to impact users. Thanks to its dynamism and clearness this type of advertising has been constantly growing. However, it never felt that way before.

In March 2019, Vidoomy has launched its latest format, which allows total interactivity between the video advertising format and the targeted users. This format soon had become a major success. Hence, several brands had started to take advantage of this innovative format. Some of the most popular worldwide uses are:

  • Movie premieres. Apart from viewing the latest trailer, the user can interact with the format buying advance tickets for the movie, adding it to its personal calendar, accessing to unpublished content, or even interacting with some of the characters and so on.
  • Car launches. The user are able to customize inside the ad unit itself with different colors and accessories, compare the different configurations, schedule a test drive with its car dealership, etc.
  • Travelling. The potential client between tons of options can choose the paradisiac destination that fits it the most. Also, the user can make a walkthrough inside the hotel itself and its surroundings.

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Marcos Cuesta, Vidoomy’s CEO, has revealed that one of its keys to grow during this 2019 is the alliance they have with diverse data companies. Thanks to this collaboration, their advertisers can target the users in more than 200 fully-detailed and specific segments. Such as, favorite sport, purchasing power, occupation, gender, musical interests, among many others.

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Vidoomy has also shown in this format a primordial innovation — the merge between a groundbreaking product and the information that an advertiser already has about its own potential customers —, this way, there is no need for the advertisers to use the Vidoomy’s publishers data but they can also choose their own existing database.

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