Wochit Re-Invents Video Creation Once Again: New Wochit Collage Unleashes Your Creativity

Wochit, the leading video creation platform, announced the launch of Wochit Collage. This new functionality allows professional and non-professional editors alike to create one-of-a-kind creative videos. The new, innovative user interface makes it easier than ever to create dynamic layouts of all kinds for better storytelling.

Traditionally, creating video compositions including split-screen, cutaways, picture-in-picture and other sophisticated layouts required video specialists who can handle the cumbersome and complicated process. They had to know how to use complicated video editing software and had a budget of thousands to craft the final piece.

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Collage will allow Wochit users to take advantage of creative layouts for journalistic and vertical storytelling as well as cutaways for camera vlogging. It’s ideal to create all types of video use cases, including:

  • A national newspaper will illustrate a politician’s speech with cutaways
  • A sports broadcaster will compare players head-to-head with split-screen
  • A TV magazine’s editor will give her episode commentary with picture-in-picture
  • A global NGO will show the effects of climate change with split-screen
  • A fashion magazine will compare seasonal styles at Fashion Week with split-screen
  • A car manufacturer will compare a new car model with the older using split-screen and cutaways

There’s no doubt that videos are only going to become even more sophisticated as the playing field becomes more competitive. So brands need to be ready to jump onto the latest trends for the best storytelling with a quick and flexible solution.

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Wochit ups the game in the market with a one-of-a-kind user interface that allows both professional and non-professional editors alike to create creative videos that stand out. Wochit’s intuitive platform with its new Collage functionality makes it easier than ever to create dynamic layouts of all kinds for better storytelling.

“You don’t need to be a professional video editor or spend countless hours on technicalities to create an effective picture-in-picture split screen for your video content,” says Wochit’s VP Product and CSM Daphna Tsachor. “You simply use our new functionality to quickly, easily and intuitively create a layout that makes the most sense.” Wochit Collage will open up the borders for a whole new era of storytelling.

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