Zoomerang Has Launched the Biggest Template Marketplace

Who Owns Zoomerang App

Zoomerang has announced the launch of the biggest template marketplace for short-form videos. It’s the No.1 template marketplace with over 10M video templates and 30M users from all over the world. Designed both for individuals and small/medium sized businesses, Zoomerang enables creating unique and inspiring short-form videos for TikTok, Instagram Reels, YouTube Shorts and other platforms.

The news doesn’t stop there! To provide a reliable platform for our multi million user base, as well as to support the talented creators among them, we are enabling the “Monetization feature”.

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“Through monetization we address two main concerns. First, we offer our creators a powerful way to market themselves and their resources to Zoomerang’s user base, and earn money while doing so. Secondly, given the high demand of short form videos, we have created a bridge between businesses and creators facilitating the process of content creation,”said the CEO, Co-Founder of Zoomerang, Davit Grigoryan.

Zoomerang has the largest short-form video template creator community providing 25,000 templates, assets and more on a daily basis. Creators can make their templates or assets available for free, or “lock” them, and earn money when template consumers unlock/buy them with their coins. They can also check the coins’ balance, review the activity log, and easily withdraw equivalent earnings from coins.

Available both on Android and iOS, Zoomerang offers unlimited video production resources (stock video/photo assets, fx music, fonts, video effects, filters, etc) allowing its customers to take video edits to a whole new level, show creativity, inspire others, boost video engagement and make them go viral. It’s a creator-centric platform, with an ecosystem of video templates that addresses the collective challenge of successful content distribution across all short-form video channels.

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