Adomni Launches First-Of-Its-Kind Platform Providing Audience Analytics for Digital Out-Of-Home Advertisers

Newly Updated Digital Out-Of-Home Platform Includes Insights into Audience Behavior to Deliver Targeted and Effective Campaign Results

Adomni, an open online platform to find and buy digital out-of-home (DOOH) advertising, announced a first-of-its-kind update to its platform: the ability to buy DOOH ads based on audience. The new feature gives advertisers the ability to spend campaign dollars more effectively and target their audience based on behaviors. Prior to this update, the DOOH ads were primarily sold based on media type and location. Adomni is collaborating with PlaceIQ, a leading data and technology provider, to provide location-based consumer insights and analytics.

“Audience-based insights are no longer missing from the out-of-home advertising buying process,” said Jonathan Gudai, CEO of Adomni. “Now, advertisers can use familiar planning techniques from their online digital campaigns to reach optimal audiences nearby OOH displays. This new offering on Adomni’s open marketplace has the potential to exponentially increase campaign effectiveness for advertisers by targeting their DOOH spend based on consumer behavior. The location-based consumer insights provided by data industry leader PlaceIQ are driving an evolution in DOOH buying and selling.”

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Gudai noted that the online buying platform is also incredibly easy to use to perform audience-based searches.

  • Search OOH inventory by location
  • Filter search results by audience segments with the most relevant OOH locations on top
  • Choose from a variety of digital screens with an audience score
  • Launch an audience-powered campaign based on the selections

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“Marketers crave real-world consumer insights that can be applied across all their media tactics universally and dynamically,” said Duncan McCall, CEO & Co-Founder, PlaceIQ. “Until now, an easy-to-use, scaled OOH platform that could harness location-intelligent audiences for use in multiple OOH assets has never been available.  To be able to join forces with an innovative partner such as Adomni to bring this first-ever capability to market has been exciting and gratifying.  We believe this initiative will bring true business value to marketers.”

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