Amazon Advertising Simplified: Stay on Top of Competition with Amazin’ Amazon DSP

Amazon DSP is a powerful Demand-side platform that allows Amazon advertisers to programmatically buy and place their display and video ads. Amazon DSP was launched to break the duopoly of Facebook and Google, and since 2018, when Amazon DSP was rebranded from APP, it has become a reliable medium for advertisers to feature multi-language ads and content on Amazon website.

In the last 3 months, Amazon DSP has announced some key features and enhancements for advertisers. These updates are helping advertiers to programmatically reach the audience across Amazon-owned websites and apps, and publisher websites, through the direct ad inventories available with the third-party exchanges and Amazon Publisher Services.

Let’s learn about these:

Multi-language Sponsored Brands and Translation Services

In the past advertisers used Amazon DSP’s Sponsored Posts to feature their ads with brand logo, a custom copy and up to 3 products that appear on the search results. These Sponsored Posts would appear organically on the screen based on audience preference and recent shopping or buying behavior. In May, Amazon DSP announced that it have added translation features to Sponsored Posts as a medium to deliver superior Amazon shopping experience to non-English shoppers.

Advertisers can choose from these languages within a geographical region to help advertisers create and manage multi-language content on Amazon:

  • Spanish in United States
  • French in Canada
  • English in Germany
  • English and Simplified Chinese in Japan, and
  • Hindi in India

An advertiser has to enroll in the Amazon Brand Registry to create Sponsored Brand campaigns.

Audience Builder Now Includes Amazon Prime Video

Knowing how Prime subscriptions have exploded in the last 3 months owing to work from home and lockdown scenarios Amazon DSP has decided to double down on its efforts for Amazon Prime.

Now, advertisers can use Audience Builder to build Prime Video-focused content streamed to the audience. These audience builder enhancements would include keyword searches as well as product views to drive ad consumption or clicks on movies and TV series that are related or using your brand or products.

We are yet to confirm if Amazon DSP Audience Builder for Prime Video is available exclusively to Amazon advertisers or others are also included. We know that Amazon Audience Builder uses the Amazon Standard Identification Number (ASIN)- a 10 character unique code assigned to partners and sellers on

Sponsored Display Product Targeting for US Sellers Only

Amazon DSP has introduced display advertising format in beta. It’s called Sponsored Display– which allows advertisers to create unique display advertising -campaigns on and off

In May, the company announced that the beta version would be available with targeting capabilities for US sellers on Seller Central.

Advertisers can promote their product ads with better control on display options, assisted by product discovery recommendations and reporting metrics to make each ad campaign more efficient.

Not only does Sponsored Display to create meaningful ad experience for shoppers, but also allows shoppers to explore complementary products and categories alongside user-friendly reviews, shopping tips and other relevant details.

According to Nina Brentlinge, Sr. Product Marketing Manager at Amazon Advertising, Sponsored Display product targeting capabilities contribute to higher product detail page views and eventually grow conversion rates through Amazon-focused remarketing and retargeting tactics.

Currently, Amazon Sponsored Display ads would appear on and off Amazon platforms on desktop, mobile sites and apps based on audience preference and historical behavior and engagements. Advertisers can pick from a wide range of filters, including Views, Audience Interests, Categories, Product Types, and other product-related details.

The model is based on CPC model, meaning advertisers have to pay for every customer click on the ads, and not otherwise. Amazon Advertising’s DSP is offering advertisers to choose their daily budget and bid, needing no minimum investments to place ads.

Give Wings to your Organic Amazon Marketing Strategies

Amazon raised the curtains off its powerful insights console to improve customer engagement and brand awareness. It launched Amazon Attribution (beta) and Stores to enable marketers to showcase their brand story and products using connected advertising tactics across non-Amazon channels, including your website and third-party blog sites.

Amazon Attribution unlocks your organic marketing efforts by providing deeper insights into your traditional brand promotion activities. Marketing teams can design their own Amazon stories on non-Amazon advertising platforms across search, social, display, video and email marketing channels.

Preview of Amazon Store insights

Pretty impressive, isn’t it!

What Metrics do you get from Attribution?

The usual metrics you need to measure your non-Amazon marketing activities, including:

  • Impressions and clicks,
  • Page views,
  • Add to carts, and
  • Purchases

As of June 1 2020, Amazon sellers can avail of Sponsored Display- Attribution for free. No cost associated with participating in Amazon Attribution, as per Amazon’s official source.

Creating your Store is also free, BTW!

To start, all you need is registration as a seller in the Amazon Brand Registry. Follow that with a simple tutorial on how to create a Store using your native URL. Within 72 hours, your submission will be reviewed and put to action.

Amazon’s Q1 2020 advertising revenue figures were not just great, but also inspiring for the broader e-commerce space. Especially when the COVID-19 has eaten into larger economic returns and business goals for the rest of the financial year already, Amazon’s advertising services, including Amazon DSP has helped resurrect the spirit for at least now.

If you want to deliver an amazin’ Amazon advertising experience, keep reading this space.

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