AsqMe Revolutionizes Audience Engagement and Monetization with New AI Inbox for Creators

Creator payment is guaranteed when audience questions are answered within 24 hours

AsqMe, the leading Q&A engagement platform for creators, unveiled today the new AI-enabled inbox empowering creators to aggregate, answer and monetize audience questions.

There is tremendous knowledge locked inside creator-driven platforms like YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram and TikTok. With more than a million questions asked each day, audiences are desperate to connect with creators for advice and answers. Meanwhile creators are overwhelmed with the questions generated by their content and need a new way to manage and answer questions at scale while monetizing their expertise.

Every unanswered question represents a missed opportunity to generate revenue, build audience loyalty, develop content, and establish credibility. Surprisingly, only 30% of creators are monetizing audience questions in some way. With the majority of creators receiving 10-50 questions each month, only 16% manage to answer them all, often spending hours or hiring help.

AsqMe’s engagement platform is purpose-built to help creators prioritize and answer audience questions at scale, giving creators time back while creating entirely new revenue streams. Its universal inbox enables creators to collect and aggregate questions from across their social channels. Additionally, foreign language questions are seamlessly translated into the creator’s preferred language. AsqMe’s FirstDraft™ feature, powered by ChatGPT, provides draft answers for quick inspiration. Both audience members and creators can easily attach videos, images and other files. While 75% of creators say they have created custom content to answer questions, sharing it remains challenging.

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Personal trainer and YouTube creator Matt Schifferle, behind the Red Delta Project with 135K subscribers and over 2,700 videos, addressed the growing demand for his expertise, “A lot of people want me to help fix their technique or just look at their training program. It’s at the point where I can’t just sit and answer random YouTube comments,” he explained. “So AsqMe has filled the niche of ‘micro coaching’ for people who need help with one thing. It doesn’t have to cost clients hundreds of dollars a month.”

“Historically it’s been difficult to receive a direct, rapid response from a creator. This realization fueled the creation of AsqMe,” explained James Alexander, Cofounder of AsqMe. “It’s counter-intuitive to think of audience questions as opportunities, but they are. All too often creators see questions as a chore, but answers are content too. When a fan asks a question, they’re signaling that they want to engage with you. Questions are an opportunity to send your audience back into content to drive more views or promote affiliate links. It’s an opportunity that has been overlooked until the creation of AsqMe.”

In addition to fostering community and generating revenue, 38% of creators find answering questions personally rewarding. To facilitate audience appreciation, AsqMe introduced ThankBank™, allowing audiences to reward their favorite creators with stars, short thank you notes, and tips. Creators with an AsqMe Pro subscription can even connect their favorite tipping platforms like Buy Me a Coffee, Venmo, PayPal and CashApp. More than 92% of audience members give creators thanks after answering a question.

With AsqMe, creators have the flexibility to charge per answer, solely accept tips, or provide answers at no charge. For creators who charge per answer, AsqMe guarantees payment when questions are answered within 24 hours. Creators set their own price per answer, with a current average of about $10. To date, AsqMe has paid out thousands of dollars to creators. In fact, payments to creators have grown 453% over the last three quarters. Details on the payment guarantee can be found in AsqMe’s Creator Resources.

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