Audience Targeting for Online Travel Agencies in 2020


You probably just started an online travel agency and are looking to target audiences in the travel niche. Before you go on to create your ad campaign, there is some audience targeting factors you should consider. Given that the travel niche is broad, you want to make sure that you’re targeting correctly and precisely.

Speaking of precise targeting, we’ll be showing you how in this article. We’ll also be divulging some efficient targeting tools that’ll make your audience targeting a seamless venture. But first, let’s have a look at some of the common characteristics of your target audience. Yes, they exist, and we’ll be using some common travel traits to discover them. Brace yourself because we about to have a long and exciting conversation.

Audience Characteristics of an Online Travel Agency

People who travel a lot possess some distinct characteristics which happen to be displayed on social media. Sometimes you may be able to detect travel enthusiasts from their profile, but you can’t rely on this info all the time. Hence we depend on other unobvious factors. What are these factors?

People in High-End Communities Have More Travel Needs

You probably haven’t noticed that residents of first-world countries tend to have more travel needs as compared to residents of second or third-world countries. Why? First, first-world residents tend to find third-world travel relatively cheap. Let’s say you’re coming from a European country to an African one.

Chances are that you’ll find things in Africa relatively affordable. This goes further to say that you can afford a vacation conveniently. Asides from vacations, tourism is also another reason why high-end residents travel more. With this info in your mind, your audience targeting should tilt towards residents in high-end communities or countries.

Young People Will Be More Autonomous in Their Travel Needs

Now, this is one part of your audience targeting that you have to pay attention to as young people are likelier to want to travel than older folks. These young people could be newlyweds looking for a place to spend their honeymoon, teenagers who are looking to meet up, and other adventurists looking to explore. So when it comes to the core audience targeting, ensure you toggle the age filter to 18-45. You should also look out for the relationship status while gaining insight about your audience.

Office Workers

If you’ve ever worked at a 9 – 5, you’ll understand how 9-5ers cherish holidays. The best way 9-5 workers spend their leave or holidays is by going on vacation. This means that you should narrow your audience targeting to “Work”. This way, you’ll have a better chance of targeting employees who are looking to go on vacations. You can also target by industry type.

People With a High Degree of Education

If you happen to have a high degree of education, you’re likely to be more inclined to want to travel. Why? Most educated folks tend to be vast readers who are looking to explore the world. Travelling is also a form of education, as people will get to learn new things and garner new experiences. As an online travel agency looking to create an ad campaign, you’ll do well to target people with a higher level of education as they are likely to convert to customers.

Targeting the Interests of an Online Travel Agency

Having discussed the characteristics commonly exhibited by people looking to travel, we’ll be discussing how to target the interests of travel enthusiasts. Here, we’ll be looking at some core features like country, gender, age, and interests.


As we discussed earlier, residents of first-world countries are likelier to be able to afford travel expenses as compared to residents in second and third-world countries. In this regard, when you’re targeting, ensure you’re focusing more on high-end countries as you’re likelier to find your target audience there. First-world countries like the US, the UK, and Australia are a great place to start.


When it comes to gender, you may want to target males and females as both genders travel. Most of the time, they travel as a couple and other times individually. However, you should cross-reference gender with different interests or filters such as relationship status, education, and a host of other filters. This is because women travel as much as men.


Age is a huge prerequisite to always consider when targeting audiences in the travel market. Younger people will be more inclined to travel as they have several reasons to. These reasons can include – honeymoon, vacations, shopping, tourism, and other travel reasons. Older folks, on the other hand, are less likely to travel as most of them are home-sitters. If you’re targeting older folks, ensure you toggle your filter to “wedding anniversaries”, as this happens to be one of the primary reasons why older folks travel.


What is your audience interested in? People who love traveling will definitely have numerous interests that support their travel intention. As an online travel agency, you may target folks who love tourism, vacations, adventures, and other hobbies. These interests, as well as similar ones, indicate that such people may be more akin to traveling.

Analyzing the Audiences of Your Competitors

One of the best ways to know audiences that are likely to convert to customers is by targeting your competitors’ audiences. This way, you’ll be working with some level of precision instead of relying on guesswork. One of the efficient tools that can help you with this is AdTargeting. One of the reasons while advertisers in the online travel agency use AdTargeting is because of the leverage it gives.

You’ll be able to expand your audience insights, discover hidden interests, and gain access to a large number of keywords. You can Google-search keywords that’ll help you precisely target audiences and steal competitors’ traffic.

With AdTargeting, you’ll be able to compare the audience differences using two interests or compare the differences using two keywords and select that the one that best suits whatever you’re trying to promote.

Here are a few other things you can do with AdTargeting –

Select interests by category

You’ll get to select interests by category instead of being restricted by the limited interests Facebook provides. AdTargeting takes it deeper by allowing you to choose your interests using category filters like – entertainment, shopping and fashion, technology, and the likes. To notch it up, subdivisions of these category filters are also supported. This means you can target the interests of your precise audience without wavering.

Select interest by ranks

Gain useful insights into what’s ranking in your industry. This includes a good range of keywords that are hot and trending in real-time. You’ll also have access to a good range of hotspots.

Select interests by language

AdTargeting allows you to expand related interests when it comes to filtering interests by language. The good part is that you can target interests that deal with international languages such as Japanese, Russian, Chinese, and English.

adtargeting 2

Select by interests analysis

AdTargeting allows you to select the best performing audience based on some interest analytics reports. Here, you will be cross-referencing several interests such as the audience’s location, demographic – gender, age, education, relationship status, job title, device as well as numerous attractions.

How to know the average cost of different audience interest

Now that you know how to expand your audience interests with AdTargeting, another aspect that can prove quite hectic is determining the average cost of different interest keywords. Again, there is a tool you can leverage to do this seamlessly and efficiently. ADCostly allows you to enter a keyword to target Facebook interest audience size, CPC/CPM, and word popularity.

This way, you can see the cost-efficient keywords in the online travel agency industry and select the ones that won’t cost you much. The efficient thing about ADCostly is that it allows you to see the CPM and CPC of different interest words. Invariably, this will enable you to create costless ads and get a better ROI on your ad expenses.

With this tool like ADCostly, you can also filter your interest words by placements, categories, CTA types, OS, and the likes. This tool also allows you to track recent trends of different CTAs and ad costs.

Final thoughts

With the info we’ve divulged in this article, you should be better equipped to precisely target your audience when running ads for your online travel agency. Plus, you can harness the free tools we discussed, as they can tremendously boost your ROI. These tools can provide you with all the information you need to run costless and well-targeted ads.

If you’ve been sourcing for the best way to run ads for your new online travel agency, well, you have it. Get your hands dirty with this wealth of info and stay safe!

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