DROP Raised $100,000 from SkyDeck to Make Professional Networking Easier

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A UC Berkeley backed startup, DROP has secured accelerator investments of $100,000. The solution simplifies device proximity pairing allowing event participants to instantly connect and exchange professional profiles. US-patented technology uses comparative analysis of ambient noise for device matching.

This innovation lets companies and individuals to cut down on paper waste and reinvent the processes of event networking. “We realized that Generation Z and Millennials heavily depend on mobile technology. Digital natives do not want to use traditional business cards and demand seamless connectivity” said Mike Karloff, President and Co-Founder of DROP. Platform users can share contacts, even if the other party does not have the application preinstalled. Profile data is retrieved from Facebook or LinkedIn or by scanning the existing business card.

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DROP is based on a patented IoT proximity pairing technology ‘Resonance Nearby’ that compares live ambient audio fingerprints to identify, authenticate and pair devices in the vicinity. Technology use cases range from IoT, FinTech and Security to Gaming and Social Networking.

Startup has been launched in 2017 and was showcased at the TedX conference, where it was able to connect 800 people from the audience in less than 10 minutes. Now its founders have announced $100,000 investments as well as more than $250,000 in free and discounted services, and intensive mentorship from the Berkeley SkyDeck Fund in Fall 2018.

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