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MeetEdgar Launches Auto-Variations to Automatically Write Social Media Posts

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New Feature Makes Social Media Marketing Easier for Small Businesses

MeetEdgar, a leading social media publishing application for small businesses and entrepreneurs, announced a new feature that automatically writes and publishes a variety of social media posts for their users’ social media accounts at the push of a button. The application will leverage natural language processing to read content from a provided URL and pull out relevant, quote-worthy text to create social media posts.

The release of the Auto-Variations feature joins the release of Variations earlier this year that allows users to write several variations of social posts for easy scheduling and re-posting from their MeetEdgar library. Users can still edit and write their own content for publishing, but these new features allow small businesses and entrepreneurs to have access to automation and artificial intelligence technology that has been primarily reserved for mid-market and enterprise brands.

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Built to help busy marketers and business owners save time by automating the tedious task of creating and publishing fresh content online, all users will have access to this new feature immediately. “When we surveyed our customers about how they were spending their time during the workday, an overwhelming number told us they didn’t have enough time in the day to write all of the posts to keep their social media accounts looking up-to-date,” said Head of Product, Lail Brown.

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“We originally created the manual Variations feature to allow our customers to create different posts for the same article or blog post, to ensure their updates weren’t getting repetitive or too automated,” said Brown. “Paired with our smart publisher, creating an automated way to write and inspire content was the clear next step for MeetEdgar.”

This feature is available for all users and includes unlimited variations of content- created automatically or manually. In addition to creating and publishing content, users will be able to see analytics per variation to identify which posts and messages are resonating most with their audience.

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