Evergent Announces Partnership with KOCOWA to Optimize Payments And Customer Flexibility Across Global Audience Base

New agreement simplifies payment and customer management for Korean content service in the Americas and worldwide

Evergent, the customer management and monetization leader for streaming and digital subscription businesses, announced a new partnership with KOCOWA, a subscription video streaming platform serving Korean content to audiences throughout the world. Through the agreement, Evergent will provide optimized payment solutions for KOCOWA customers in different global regions, while also incorporating multiple currencies, languages and payment models.

KOCOWA was launched in 2017 by wavve Americas (wA), a joint company of KBS, MCB and SBS, the top three Korean broadcasters, together with SK Telecom. The streaming video platform delivers Korean dramas, reality and K-pop content to a subscription audience in the United States, Canada and Brazil.

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As wA introduces KOCOWA to new markets and geographies, Evergent’s agile monetization and CRM products will make it possible to accommodate for both global and regional considerations and provide the adaptability required to seamlessly integrate different currencies, languages and payment processes. With Evergent’s flexible monetization tools, KOCOWA will be able to rapidly scale and reach the growing global audience for premium Korean entertainment content. The new partnership will also allow KOCOWA to explore and deploy multiple pricing and payment options for existing customers in North and South America.

“KOCOWA presents an ideal use case for Evergent’s highly flexible solutions, as they operate at the nexus of three cultures, languages and geographies,” said Vijay Sajja, founder and CEO of Evergent. “KOCOWA has already demonstrated the viability of delivering premium Korean content to customers in North America and Brazil, and we look forward to supporting them with agile monetization tools as they extend this service to other areas of the world.”

“The success of our streaming platform in the Americas demonstrates the tremendous global demand for premium Korean content, but capitalizing on that demand requires speed and agility as we work to meet the needs of diverse markets and audiences” said KunHee Park, CEO at KOCOWA. “Evergent makes our platform better and more competitive by enabling us to pursue multiple new monetization models with minimal deployment effort, which in turn provides us with new tools to inform our sales and marketing campaigns. We expect Evergent to play a key role in our growth as we bring KOCOWA to new customers throughout the world.”

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