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Gravy Analytics and AnalyticsIQ Empower Advertisers to Reach Affluent In-Market Consumers and Business Owners

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Exclusive Audiences Combine Predictive And Behavioral Consumer Data For Precise Ad Targeting

Real-world location intelligence provider Gravy Analytics and predictive consumer marketing data firm AnalyticsIQ announced their partnership in creating new, innovative digital audiences. By blending AnalyticsIQ’s predictive data with Gravy’s consumer behavioral data, marketers can now connect with high-value consumers, including affluent, in-market consumers and business owners, via programmatic advertising campaigns.

Enabled by LiveRamp’s Data Innovators program, the new audiences combine Gravy’s most popular location fueled in-market and enthusiast consumer segments with AnalyticsIQ’s sought-after financial data including purchase, spending and income information.  Now marketers can reach targeted in-market audiences such as ‘Affluent Auto Buyers’ and ‘Affluent Home Buyers’, and enthusiast audiences like ‘Affluent Sports Fans’, ‘Affluent Beauty Buffs’ and ‘Affluent Golf Lovers’.

“AnalyticsIQ’s rich and accurate predictive data is the perfect complement to Gravy’s verified attendance data,” said Anurag Mehta, General Manager of Audience Data Solutions at Gravy Analytics. “We’re combining information about where consumers go in their daily lives, with highly-accurate predictive data that signals where they’ll go next. Together, we’re enabling advertisers to launch targeted and effective marketing campaigns that simultaneously provide a superior advertising experience for consumers.”

These unique audiences give advertisers an opportunity to deliver personalized offers to specialized audiences at scale. And personalization is more important than ever before. According to Forrester, 77% of consumers have chosen, recommended or paid more for a brand that provides a personalized service or experience.

Anna Brantley
Anna Brantley

“By combining our accurate and unique data sets, together we are empowering advertisers to reach valuable prospects across devices with relevant offers and messages,” said Anna Brantley, Senior Vice President of Strategic Partnerships at AnalyticsIQ. “Our innovative audiences aren’t only great for B2C campaigns. For example, we’ve paired our occupational data with Gravy’s industry event attendance data to create new business-oriented audiences ideal for B2B marketers, too.”

The companies have also developed lifestyle audiences using Gravy’s branded retail and restaurant attendance data in combination with AnalyticsIQ’s coupon shopper and family data. Now advertisers can reach families with children who dine at top restaurant chains, or coupon users who frequent major department stores.

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