Narrative Data Streaming Platform First to Offer Access to Webbula’s Comprehensive Audience Data Solution for Hashed Email Campaigns

Partnership Gives Narrative Data Streaming Platform Users Access to Webbula’s Age, Gender, Device, and ID Mapping Data in Strategic Data Segments

To better assist businesses in targeting individuals and increasing advertisement relevancy in their multichannel email campaigns, Narrative, the Data Streaming Platform that makes it easy to buy, sell and win, and Webbula,  the Data Solutions Experts, today announced that the Narrative Data Streaming Platform will be the first external data platform to offer access to the Webbula Audience Data solution for hashed emails.

According to Vince Cersosimo, chief executive officer of Webbula, “Hashed emails are the future of multichannel marketing. More effective than anonymous identifiers, like cookies, hashed emails provide a more accurate identity linkage. A more accurate identity linkage means marketers have a more reliable picture of consumer behavior across channels and devices.”

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Narrative Data Streaming Platform offers access to the Webbula Audience Data solution for hashed emails.

Narrative’s Data Streaming Platform connects data users to data originators, such as Webbula, directly, and gives them the tools, automations, and workflows to make data transactions transparent, fast, and cost-effective. The Webbula Audience Data solution aggregates data, based on self-identified cross-channel behaviors, not modeled assumptions, from more than 110 different sources, including publisher partners, transactional events, social media, surveys, and other data providers. Webbula’s data solution covers a number of strategic data segments, including Demographics, B2B, Automotive, Consumer Interests, Political and Financial.

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“This partnership with Webbula will give our users the ability to better capitalize on the growing use of hashed emails with current and reliable data to deliver the most relevant ads at the right time to the most appropriate customers and prospects,” said Nick Jordan, founder and CEO of Narrative. “We are looking forward to growing this relationship with Webbula further to better equip businesses for multichannel marketing opportunities that lie ahead.”

“Our partnership with Narrative empowers brands, publishers, and platforms to pivot beyond cookies and MAIDs while retaining the same access to Webbula’s quality audiences at scale,” said Douglas Egeth, chief operating officer, Webbula. “Narrative is the first external data platform that offers access to Webbula’s Age, Gender, ID Mapping, and Device Characteristics using hashed email directly.”

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