Semasio Heats Up Holiday Marketing with New Semantic Audiences

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Semasio, the semantic custom audience company for digital marketers, launched a new solution for brands to maximize their advertising efficacy this holiday season.

With Semasio’s new suite of Semantic Standard Behavioral Audiences, brands and agencies no longer need to waste tons of ad dollars competing for the same old stale segments this Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

With more than $13 billion in sales expected for the two days combined, the battle for consumer attention will be red hot. Unfortunately, advertisers often pay a premium to reach audiences that don’t deliver the best results. Semasio created Semantic Standard Behavioral Audiences as a cost-effective, entry-level solution for marketers who want to get a targeting edge over the competition this holiday season. More than 200 brand new Standard Audiences were built from an analysis of the top selling Black Friday/Cyber Monday products and seamlessly integrated into the leading demand side platforms (DSPs). These provide an advantage over generic, off-the-shelf third-party segments and were created with the input of the leading global brands we work with to solve real marketer challenges.

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These audiences have the highly specific, user-interest informed characteristics of a custom approach – unlike general, vague segments. A few of the hot segments that we’ve built for the 2018 holiday season include such pragmatic audiences as Smart Watch Intender, Drone Intender and Teeth Whitening Kit Intender.

An incredible amount of money will be wasted showing ads to irrelevant users during Black Friday and Cyber Monday. This is because brands often choose to advertise programmatically in the same old ways:

  1. By choosing off the shelf, pre-categorized third-party segments in their DSP. The advertiser’s competitors in the same vertical are driving up advertising costs for that audience by using the same segment.
  2. By using a contextual solution to target pages,not people. Pages don’t buy things, people do. By targeting the page, you waste ad spend on users who have no interest in your product but are visiting the page.

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After seeing the increased ROAS of a Semasio Semantic Standard Behavioral Audience, marketers may be ready to take their audience targeting strategy to the next level. Our customers know that the best way to win Black Friday/Cyber Monday is with a Semantic Custom Behavioral Audience, which can be fine-tuned and refined at a level even more granular than standard segments — combining the best and excluding the worst of behavioral and contextual solutions. With a Semantic Custom Behavioral Audience from Semasio, you define the settings that define your segment’s quality/reach ratio.

Regardless of how you get started — Standard or Custom — while your competitors are wasting their budget on antiquated strategies, you will be targeting only the most valuable users this holiday season.

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