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SiteZeus® Strengthens Platform with Social Psychographic Data Pioneer

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SiteZeus® announced a new data partnership with that uses the power of machine learning to unlock a treasure trove of Geosocial data to better understand consumers. This new data partnership represents the first psychographic partner and first social media data partner for SiteZeus.

Spatial is a location data company that creates social based consumer segmentation profiles by using billions of geotagged conversations occurring on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Meetup and other social platforms. Specifically for SiteZeus, Spatial has generated 94 different segments “clustering behavioral data using machine learning” to create the most organic segments. Some examples are: Wellness, Athletic Fashionista/o, Craft Brew Lovers, Motivated, Millennial Nostalgia, Empty Nesters, Pop Culture, Outdoor Challenges, Nerd Alert, Hippie, Male Recreation, etc. What that means for SiteZeus users is that results from sales forecasting models are more powerfully predictive, providing greater insight to clients across a diverse set of industries, including restaurants, retail, healthcare, banking, C-stores and virtually any business that targets a certain type of customer.

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“This new partnership not only helps to increase accuracy of our sales forecasting models, but it further solidifies SiteZeus’ position on the cutting edge of location intelligence solutions by allowing us to provide predictive psychographics,” Hannibal Baldwin, SiteZeus Co-Founder. “Social Psychographics delves more deeply into consumer behavior and preferences that help our clients better understand who their customer is and where to find him or her.” Similar to other SiteZeus datasets, clients can customize the platform to target specific topics, hashtags or conversational segments that they believe are important to identify customers. Data available from also strengthens SiteZeus’ growing Olympus Data Exchange, a best-in-class data pipeline that is specially designed to supplement client data with state-of-the art market and industry data. technology goes beyond demographics to dig deeper into the social DNA of a block group. Are the consumers who live in or frequent a particular neighborhood interested in wellness, the outdoors, sports or art? Are they trendy or conservative? uses Geosocial data to tell a story that helps companies create a social profile for their target customer. “We believe in the power of A.I. to better understand humans and cities,” says Lyden Foust, CEO. “Perhaps the most useful thing about Geosocial data is the story it tells. The insights in the data would take months of interviewing users to discover. In SiteZeus’ predictive models this rich data can bubble to the surface in a matter of seconds.”

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