jumpGate SRM Re-Invents Cold-Calling for the Benefit of Company Gatekeepers and Buyers

A new start-up, jumpGate SRM, is promoting to the B2B community a FREE online SaaS for Gatekeepers and Buyers to view and track proposed opportunities rapidly, while having the benefit of automatically storing contact data, and replying in a single-click

Company Gatekeepers and Buyers finally have a simple solution to handle incoming cold-callers. jumpGate SRM is free Supplier Relationship Manager in the cloud for business’ that need an instant way to review, share, and reply to salespeople, job seekers, or anyone with a query or a business solution to offer. And with 1-click replying, representatives are never left waiting to understand if someone has seen their submission. With a max of 250 characters to review, companies can easily read and reply to queries in seconds and have the benefit of the offer automatically populate in their exclusive supplier listing in the cloud.

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As the business community continues to question if ‘cold calling is dead’, jumpGate re-introduces the game at a different level that is easier for everyone to manage. When company representatives reach out with an offer or opportunity, the company receiving the offer will automatically retain the contact information and the offer details in their SRM. The company SRM details a directory of suppliers that sent offers to them through jumpGateSRM.com. A great reference tool to view your most current offers, and a time-saving benefit when it is RFP or RFQ time!

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jumpGate SRM is user friendly and secure.  It helps company Gatekeepers and Buyers streamline a uniform approach when dealing with salespeople, and capitalize on having a formal record of every opportunity that comes knocking. Once registered on jumpGateSRM.com, it’s quick and simple for companies to refer salespeople to the online portal to communicate their purpose for reaching out.  Now, Gatekeepers and Buyers can rapidly screen promotions, move forward with it, or decline for the time being as the information is automatically kept on file. Best of all, company representatives get notified, eliminating the need for their follow-up calls and emails.

jumpGate SRM has a unique twist since it calls offers to do business and exclusive promotions an ‘oppi’, which is jumpGate’s version of a ‘tweet’ for the B2B community. Oppi’s are the most convenient way screen and respond to B2B offers and promotions, and eliminate time consuming follow-up calls.

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