Launch of New Intelligent Software will Give Fastbase Inc. a Huge Boost to its Upcoming IPO on the London Stock Exchange

Fastbase Introduces a New Software to Efficiently, Identify, Track, and Convert Lead into Sales

SaaS trailblazer, Fastbase Inc, is launching an intelligent software that will identify website visitors in real-time and simultaneously engage with the visitor to help convert the lead into a sale. The product launch announcement comes conveniently just a few months before Fastbase, Inc., is to be listed on the London Stock Exchange as one of the fastest-growing SaaS companies, for big data and web analytics.

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Rasmus Refer Fastbase
Rasmus Refer

“In the past six months, our new software was being tested by 25 global company websites and the result and the response have been overwhelming. There is no software available on the market that will come close to what we have developed. This new software will provide brand-new lead generation and intelligent customer contact dimensions for the B2B industry,” states Rasmus Refer, CEO, Fastbase.

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Fastbase, Inc.’s success was partly born by being an Add-on to Google Analytics. In just 18 months, 800,000 companies, organizations and top brands around the world installed and used this add-on with their Google Analytics accounts. With the launch of the new software, which includes a script that can be installed on any website for free, Fastbase, Inc. is expecting to have four million websites using the software by the end of 2018. Fastbase, Inc.’s Board of Directors expects the company’s value to increase by 15-35% in response to the new launch. The new software can be installed on any website and will officially launch on April 15, 2018.

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