PopSockets Depends on Looker to Fuel Data-Driven Culture

Experiencing 70,000 Percent Growth Over a Three-Year Period, PopSockets Uses Looker and Snowflake to Operate Efficiently and Ensure Quality of Inventory Globally

Looker, a leading data platform company, announced that PopSockets, maker of expandable phone grips, relies on the Looker data platform to establish and maintain a data-driven culture during its tremendous growth. By making data-driven decisions a priority, PopSockets ensures maximum efficiencies within the company, and protects the quality of its product for customers during its ongoing global growth.

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“We strive to run our business by the numbers because if you’re not using data to measure and increase the performance of the business, you’re going to fail inevitably,” said Steven Mangold, senior business intelligence and analytics manager at PopSockets. “Massive growth creates a real challenge. We had to create an ecosystem where our employees could come ask data-based questions, receive an impactful answer and have the confidence to keep coming back to the well. We created a market segment at PopSockets and by implementing Looker, we have the numbers to drive that business.”

PopSockets experienced a 70,000 percent growth from 2014 to 2017 and in order to do this effectively, a stable of reporting was essential. By providing employees with a tool that allowed them to do their jobs more efficiently and effectively, PopSockets is able to streamline the global finance process close time nearly in half and drive the success of its charity program.

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Accurate, Fast Data Collection

With Looker, PopSockets has real-time data to make important decisions and the finance department has automated and efficient tools to support sales, marketing, and operations. In addition to other benefits of deploying Looker, PopSockets is saving time and streamlining processes by limiting ad hoc reporting needs, including data presentation and related decisions required to ship, track, and account for products worldwide.

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Tracking KPIs to Ensure Success of Charity Campaign

PopSockets’ Poptivism program invites users to: (1) upload graphic images that will be turned into PopSockets Grips; and (2) select a charity to receive 50% of the proceeds from the sale of Grips bearing the image. Thousands of unique images are uploaded presenting unique data challenges. Prior to engaging Looker, PopSockets relied on contractors for key metrics such as how many images are accepted and rejected. Now PopSockets can now efficiently track these key metrics and how they change over time. Making this data widely available across the company has allowed the team to create a better experience for customers who in turn upload more images to raise more money for the charity.

Looker flexes and scales to provide a single source of truth to meet PopSockets’ ever-growing needs and data-focused culture. PopSockets plans to continue to roll-out the Looker Data Platform across the company in different departments at locations around the world.

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