Radius Launches Radius Unify to Become First Enterprise B2B Customer Data

Platform New Platform in $1B Market Brings 360-Degree View of Every Possible Customer

Radius​,the leader in connecting B2B data and intelligence, today announced the launch of ​Radius Unify​,the first-ever enterprise B2B customer data platform (CDP) that is powered by the largest, most accurate B2B data source – The Network of Record . With Radius Unify, B2B enterprises now have access to a single, 360-degree view of each prospective customer and the full market so they can streamline their pipeline, transform their data strategy and improve customer experiences with trusted, real-time data.

Incomplete or inaccurate data, data silos, and a lack of data analytics resources continue to plague B2B marketers. CDPs have emerged as the prime solution to address these issues and refine data strategies for many B2C marketers. The CDP market continues to experience rapid growth, with ​CDP Institute estimating vendor revenues to reach $1B by the end of 2018 and ​Gartner​client inquiries doubling year-over-year. But until now, there haven’t been any major B2B players.

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“Existing go-to-market systems have reached their limit for B2B marketers,” said Darian Shirazi, CEO and Founder, Radius. “With Radius Unify, our customers now have real-time access to their entire universe of data on customers and prospects, giving them the data foundation to successfully execute digital transformation, omnichannel, ABM, and customer experience strategies.”

Radius Unify provides direct access to The Network of Record and the real-time platform that has powered the Radius application, newly named Radius Discover. Enterprise customers like Allstate, iHeartMedia, and HomeAdvisor can now use a combination of Radius Discover for core audience discovery and channel activation, and Radius Unify for deep data integration and data management.

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With Radius Unify’s flexible ecosystem, now B2B data and marketing teams can:

  • Improve Data Quality Across Any System: Get all your systems clean and complete, and maintain data quality automatically with API-powered onboarding and enrichment.
  • Drive Growth with Trusted, Real-time Data: Advanced targeting across every expand account and contact data access coupled with massive reach across every channel.
  • Gain a 360° View of Every Possible Customer: Create “master records” with a persistent, accessible, and enriched data store with unlimited scale for enterprise data volumes.
  • Reduce Data Costs & Streamline Pipeline: Centralize your universe of first– and third–party data alongside The Network of Record for an always-on, standardized database.
  • Access Real-time APIs & Build Custom Applications:Connect any data sources, configure data management rules, and develop bespoke data intelligence applications.

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“Accurate data that is real-time and connected to our internal systems and digital channels has allowed Sam’s Club to build better relationships with our customers–and bring on more of them,” said Taylor Duersch, VP of Memberships, Sam’s Club. “We’ve seen double-digit return on investment in Radius’ enterprise customer data platform, and it is our data foundation for long-term growth and innovation.”

Further establishing Radius as a CDP pioneer and leader, Radius is now a member of the ​Customer Data Platform Institute​,a vendor-neutral organization dedicated to helping marketers manage customer data. David Raab, founder of The CDP Institute and who coined the term CDP, ​recently published a new report​that defines the B2B market, use cases for CDPs, and Radius’ potential.

“As business marketers recognize the growing need for comprehensive, unified customer and prospect data, they are increasingly looking at Customer Data Platforms as solutions,” said Raab. “We are pleased to welcome Radius as one of the CDP vendors with capabilities tailored to the special requirements of the B2B universe.”

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