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Limetree Announces Appointment of Dr. Galen S. Swint as Managing Director

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Limetree has announced the appointment of Dr. Galen S. Swint as a company Managing Director to lead their marketing technology and data initiatives.

Galen, who earned a Ph.D. in Computer Science from Georgia Tech, will be developing the strategy for Limetree’s unique analytic platform. Using proprietary technology, the platform facilitates meaningful interactions between consumers and brands by defining what interactions are important, allowing marketers to collect, learn, and accelerate results.

After starting his career at McKinsey, working on go-to-market strategies, lean IT service delivery, and contract management, Galen moved client side, taking on leadership roles with Capital One and Pizza Hut to lead digital business strategy and large-scale analytics initiatives. At Capital One, Galen implemented an analytical management process for marketing campaigns and products in the direct channel. He also championed a company-wide initiative that redefined the role of Capital One’s data analysts, transforming them from data providers to insight enablers. At Pizza Hut US, he was the Director of Digital Analytics and Data Science, driving the business-side definition of data and platform needs for the creation and adoption of a cloud-based platform for analytics and data science.

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“Throughout his career, Galen has helped marketers master the intersection of marketing strategy, analytics, and technology,” says Limetree Founder & President Tom Rouse. “Having been on both the client and vendor side, he brings a unique perspective to understanding the challenges a marketer is facing and the barriers that stop them from leveraging their customer data and building actionable analytics.”

“Traditionally, collecting and successfully analyzing data has required a huge amount of time, manpower and money, making it difficult for businesses to adopt,” says Galen. “Limetree’s vision is to provide our clients with easy access to analytical learnings that propel their business forward and help marketers unlock the power of their data to create repeatable, scalable and successful campaigns.”

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“Connecting customer data with behavioral science gives marketers a powerful toolkit to truly understand their customers’ behavior and build better marketing strategies,” says Rouse. “Galen’s proven expertise, along with our shared passion for helping marketers, makes him the perfect fit to lead Limetree’s marketing technology and data initiatives.”

Founded in 2016, Limetree is a Dallas-based marketing and advertising group that combines market-leading behavioral data, science, design, and technology to make a customer’s behaviors actionable. In October, Limetree announced a strategic partnership with TriggerPoint, a behavioral research and design consultancy specializing in identifying & influencing the neurological and psychological factors driving consumer decision making. Together, they are using science to help marketers design more impactful marketing activations.

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