New Data Explorer in Latest Celebrus Release Accelerates Speed-To-Value for Enterprise Analytics

Innovative Data Explorer Drives Rapid Understanding of Customer Data Captured by the Celebrus Customer Data Platform

D4t4 Solutions plc has announced general availability for the latest release of its leading Celebrus Customer Data Platform (CDP), Celebrus Version 8 Update 20. Celebrus offers the most advanced data capture capability in the market, enabling enterprises to acquire customer data compliantly from websites and mobile applications in real-time as well as from across their entire digital landscape. Now Celebrus makes it easier for data analysts to understand captured data and to rapidly identify what they need to drive advanced analytics and personalisation projects.

Celebrus Data Explorer meets a priority need for enterprises

According to Gartner, among marketing leaders “39% make data exploration a priority activity. Exploring data is essential to the work of marketing analytics teams.” Celebrus now delivers rapid understanding of data held within its platform, helping analysts and data scientists to create, develop and test theories that guide creativity for enterprises.

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This innovation can be put to work in deepening engagement with customers and improving their experience on whichever channel they choose to interact with that enterprise.

Broad range of Data Explorer features for analytics agility

Celebrus Data Explorer has been designed with the needs of data analysts at its core:

  • Individual in-session data available for immediate analysis through Celebrus’ real-time data capture capabilities.
  • Accelerates the process for data preparation and investigation, maximising speed-to-value.
  • Import selected data – up to 100,000 sessions – for optimised exploration of data.
  • Plotting and analysis tools enable quick visualisation and investigation of datasets.
  • New sandbox function enables easy-to-use experimentation with customer data.
  • Deep search of an imported database identifies relationships between the data for rapid insight.
  • Interactive drill-down into data for deep analysis of theories and hypotheses.
  • Range of tools includes features for identifying correlations, variances and clusters that fast-track machine learning initiatives.

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Focus on speed-to-value with tools for compelling results

Data Explorer then drives actions from customer data with tools for accelerating discoveries from that data into real-life customer-focused scenarios:

  • Offers ability to enrich and contextualise explorations with imported data from external sources.
  • Pre-built playbooks give rapid insights in topic areas like:
    • Campaigns
    • Content actions
    • E-commerce
    • Forms
    • Individuals’ behaviours and interactions
    • Search
    • Sessions
    • Rankings e.g. top performing data items in a category
    • Transactions
  • Underpins development of both accurate models for predictive analytics and algorithms for machine learning.

Additional release features further simplify platform capabilities

As well as the potential delivered by the new Data Explorer capabilities, further enhancements have been made that create better insights into the wealth of customer data captured by Celebrus. For instance, improvements have been made to data loader configurations that simplify understanding of the data model, especially in regard to relationships between tables.

Matthew Tod, Chief Data Officer at D4t4 Solutions plc, commented on the new Data Explorer features: “No platform is closer to the data than Celebrus. That proximity positions us uniquely to deliver insights fast, accelerating speed-to-value for data scientists and analysts. The need to ‘fail fast’ is becoming an imperative for enterprises seeking to improve their agility – Celebrus is delivering all the tools that users need to help their businesses rapidly drive competitive advantage with customer data.”

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