GoodData Launches Support for Location Intelligence

New Geo-Mapping Capabilities Provide Companies with Location-Based Business Insights

GoodData, a leading global analytics company, announced new geo-mapping capabilities to better meet the needs of companies seeking location data analytics to inform strategic decision making.

This new set of analytical visualizations, analytics, and modeling techniques results in GoodData providing the most advanced support for geolocation in the analytics industry for market trends evaluation, site selection, asset tracking and monitoring, and other core business needs. The examples of location-based business insights include COVID-19 infections, economic shifts by geography, election results, unemployment trends, and even contact tracing as efforts ramp up to battle COVID-19.

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“We are quickly moving into a world where essentially all data is geo-tagged for location intelligence,” says Roman Stanek, GoodData Founder, and CEO. “The rise of IoT, smartphones, Bluetooth, and other wireless technologies gives businesses completely new perspectives into their operations and risks and our new capabilities lead this trend.”

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GoodData has recently shown the power of geographical data in a global analytics’ joint effort with Emarsys. COVID-19 Commerce Insights Tracker tracks daily consumer spending online around the world in key sectors.

The geo-mapping capabilities are seamlessly integrated into the GoodData Platform workflows and tools and GoodData customers can take advantage of these new capabilities today.

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