Cision PR Newswire and Nativo Announce Exclusive Sponsored Placement Partnership

Brands can now secure guaranteed editorial placement across thousands of premium publishers

Cision PR Newswire and Nativo announced they have entered into an exclusive partnership to integrate earned and paid media through sponsored native placement of brand news and content. Through PR Newswire and Nativo’s new Sponsored Placement solution, brands can now get guaranteed placement of their content, including news releases, product announcements, environmental, social and governance (ESG) news and many more brand messages, across to thousands of publishers.

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How it works: PR Newswire’s Sponsored Placement powered by Nativo
How it works: PR Newswire’s Sponsored Placement powered by Nativo

This partnership provides a new way for public relations professionals to distribute and analyze the impact of branded content and enables PR agencies to sell robust guaranteed placement packages to their clients. The seamless format of a Sponsored Placement allows brands to drive engagement by reaching audiences on the channels they prefer and trust.

The Benefits of Sponsored Placement

Sponsored Placement delivers the reach and visibility of branded content by creating an editorial placement that links to the press release in a patented native article format. Exclusive to PR Newswire, the Sponsored Placement fits seamlessly into a publisher’s news feed by matching the visual design and function of the website. Once clicked, the Sponsored Placement directs a reader to the content in a sponsored editorial format right within the publisher’s site, driving three times more engagement than traditional digital ad placement.

“This partnership will enable brands to deliver more targeted messages across their earned and paid channels,” said Nicole Guillot, Chief Operating Officer for Cision. “Our Sponsored Placement offerings now enhance a brand’s ability to reach a much wider audience to drive authentic engagement with their consumers through their messages in a way that is both valuable and intuitive for audiences.”

“This partnership between two respective leaders in communications and digital advertising will accelerate the convergence between earned and paid media,” said Justin Choi, Nativo’s Founder and CEO. “More than ever, brands need to engage consumers with authentic stories, and this partnership lets them do that at scale with a new level of control, measurement, and insights.”

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