Ascent360 To Accelerate MagicalButter Marketing Strategy

CDP and Marketing Guidance Will Help Deepen Customer Relationships

Ascent360, a leading customer database platform (CDP) provider for mid-market businesses, announced that infusion device manufacturer MagicalButter has chosen the company to accelerate its data-centric marketing strategy.

MagicalButter produces the first countertop Botanical Extractor™, which combines an immersion blender, a digital thermostat and a heating unit primarily for making cannabis-infused butter, oils and tinctures. With the global legal marijuana market projected to exceed $15 billion in the next 2 years — and recreational use as the fastest-growing segment — MagicalButter is poised to grow along with it.

“MagicalButter has two interesting marketing challenges,” says Iram Cesani, the company’s Digital Marketing Manager. “First, the cannabis industry as a whole lacks the transparency of first-party data across enterprise SaaS and eCommerce marketplaces. As a cannabis technology company ancillary to the industry – we are often subsidized under the label of a direct-to-consumer flower brand. Second, we sell on Amazon, which means we receive limited information about our customers. Amazon, like most brands today, want to leverage the marketplace beyond conversions or post-purchase data. In order to elevate the cannabis conversation, I need to augment the information I have about each prospect and customer and centralize that data so I can act in real-time That why we’re working with Ascent360.”

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The Ascent360 CDP will enhance the MagicalButter data and automate tailored communications to their diverse audience. With the growth that MagicalButter is experiencing, Ascent360 will apply a fast-tracked path to value. The process includes integrating customer data and marketing channels, then augmenting the MagicalButter database using the Ascent360 proprietary Expansion Engine™. Finally, a set of revenue-generating marketing campaigns are developed with attributable results, such as engagement, preferences, intention and revenue.

“We specifically developed our accelerated implementation methodology so brands and retailers such as MagicalButter can benefit from a more holistic data approach and rapidly optimize their marketing channels,” says Carlos Perez, chief revenue officer at Ascent360. “This allows us to quickly validate the significance of data-driven marketing for mid-market companies.”

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“The acceptance of cannabis is growing, and people are looking for information about it,” says Cesani. “With Ascent360, we can cater to baby boomers, millennials and Generation Z with individualized messaging and push those campaigns out across display, search, mobile app and email marketing. The digital landscape is paramount to the industry.”

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