Leadspace Announces “Leadspace On-Demand” to Extend it’s Leading B2B Customer Data Platform

Leadspace and CVENT to Demonstrate the Value of CDP for Solving the Data Challenges Inherent in Account-Based Marketing at SiriusDecisions Summit

Leadspace, the leading B2B Customer Data Platform (CDP), announced the launch of “Leadspace On-Demand” — a single control center that gives Sales and Marketing all the power to optimize, analyze, align and activate their data for more effective customer engagement.

“B2B sales and marketing teams wrestle with many challenges that can be traced back to their inability to get a handle on, and strategically use, customer data that lives across their siloed systems,” said Leadspace CEO Doug Bewsher. “With Leadspace On-Demand we’re giving control back to them with a single, easy-to-use interface for putting data to work in their strategic campaigns and efforts. Now they can better know, target and act on the right accounts and contacts, and more effectively grow their business.”

Leadspace On-Demand is a self-service application that will come standard for all Leadspace customers. It includes tools for managing data, visually exploring and analyzing account and persona data and scoring models, and creating segments for sales and marketing campaigns.

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Leadspace On-Demand is the latest in a series of products released by Leadspace over the last few months. Customers can also activate Leadspace data and intelligence directly into their sales and marketing systems and channels via Leadspace’s other products: Leadspace for Salesforce, Leadspace for Marketing Automation and Leadspace for Ads, or natively through APIs.

Of course, the effectiveness of a customer data platform is based on the strength of its underlying data. With 70+ sources including industry-leading firmographic, behavioral, technology, and intent data, Leadspace is uniquely capable of providing a single source of truth for B2B companies. The new tools that are part of Leadspace On-Demand will give them access to that unrivaled data and even more effective analytics and recommendations.

“You can’t be customer-obsessed if you aren’t confident in the accuracy and accessibility of your data,” explained Leadspace Founder and CTO Amnon Mishor. “To quote a recent Forrester report: ‘Data is now the foundation of all successful B2B marketing and sales.’ It’s the greatest business asset you have. And yet, so many marketers in particular are struggling daily with data management tasks.

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“Leadspace On-Demand is the central hub to tackle this problem. We’re giving marketing and sales ops people the power to automate and optimize the daily struggles they regularly face – whether that’s finding the right accounts for ABM, generating more qualified pipeline, or ensuring optimal database hygiene to better fuel all your processes.”

Innovative companies are embracing the concept of a B2B CDP, in particular to help drive their account-based marketing and sales efforts. At the SiriusDecisions Summit in Austin this week Leadspace will be hosting a case study session where CVENT will detail their data-driven ABM efforts and show how they improved lead prioritization and conversion rates. Leadspace also plans on offering the first live look at Leadspace On-Demand. If you miss that session or want a closer look, you’ll be able to see a live demo and sign up for a free data test in the Leadspace booth.

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