​​Techsign Launches Prove ID, Digital Identity Platform

​​Techsign launches Prove ID, Digital Identity Platform

Prove ID end to end identity verification & management solution is taking the lead in the EMEA market with already over 10M+ user verifications.

Techsign unveils Prove ID, an end-to-end digital identity verification solution dedicated for remote customer onboarding, fraud detection, age & driver registration. The solution, which consists of an authentication application and a web management panel, provides institutions with the opportunity to interact securely in the digital environment.

Building on the success of secure & legally compliant identity verification, Techsign continues to innovate with the launch of Prove ID, an identity verification platform that enables businesses to verify & manage the identity of third parties. As a result of the regulations of the legal authorities in Turkey, many of the financial institutions that started to acquire their customers in the digital environment as of May 1, 2021, preferred the Prove ID solution and managed to reduce their unit customer acquisition costs from $7 to $0.50.

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Prove ID offers an authentication application that works in the web and mobile environment (Android and IOS) and a web management panel that allows organizations to manage identities. The authentication application contains the following modules:

1) OCR and NFC verification compatible with all identity types
2) Detection of security elements on the identity card
3) Face authentication & matching
4) Liveness detection
5) Secure consent collection
6) Agent call

As their solution reveals, Techsign is preparing to make an identity a commodity that can be easily, quickly and securely verifiable on demand. The solution stands out with its features such as being compatible with all identity types in Europe and EMEA, promising to recognize custom documents within 1 month, providing an end-to-end identity experience, and saving institutions from additional investment concerns by always offering legal compliance guarantee.

The solution has been tested in the field and is actively used by ING Bank, Fibabanka, digital wallet Papara, Türkiye Finans Katılım Bankası, Sahibinden P2P marketplace, an important healthcare institution Medikal Park and the investment companies Osmanlı Yatırım and Info Yatırım. The solution, supported by artificial intelligence, outperforms customer expectations in the recognition and verification of ID cards, documents and biometrics.

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