Lasso Partners With The Trade Desk to Launch Unified ID 2.0 for Cookieless Healthcare Marketing

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Lasso implements Unified ID 2.0 to deliver on the promise of user privacy and scale for healthcare campaigns in a post-cookie world.

Lasso, the world’s first and only omnichannel platform for healthcare marketing and analytics, announced their partnership with The Trade Desk to adopt the industry-leading Unified ID 2.0 identity framework that aims to maximize one-to-one targeted reach across all programmatic activation channels, while still prioritizing user consent and privacy.

In anticipation of the upcoming deprecation of third-party cookies at the end of 2023, Lasso developed a framework in-house to accommodate Unified ID 2.0 and improve how marketers identify healthcare providers and consumers on the open internet. Unified ID 2.0 is a new, device-agnostic digital identifier based on emails, allowing brands to directly target their audiences in all environments. Lasso detects and processes new tokens and audiences daily, automatically refreshing user identifiers in activation platforms, while consistently upholding user privacy and anonymity in auction bids. The company’s unique approach ensures that all targeted audiences maintain maximum scale, audience quality, and reach.

“The architecture for Unified ID 2.0 is a flexible identity framework intended for industry-wide collaboration that is open-source,” said Jay Goebel, GM, Data Partnerships, The Trade Desk. “It’s exciting to have Lasso come on board to reinforce its commitment to the open internet, as we work together to preserve the value exchange of relevant advertising.”

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Lasso Integrates With The Trade Desk to Make Premium Healthcare Audiences More Accessible

This month, Lasso also launched its integration with The Trade Desk’s Data Management Platform (DMP), making around 900 certified HIPAA-compliant HCP and consumer audiences available to their customers for the first time. This effectively doubles the number of health segments available on The Trade Desk, creating a huge value-add to those with established marketing processes on that platform. Those who use Lasso’s powerful identity solutions to fuel their marketing strategies can ensure that their campaigns prioritize consent and privacy without compromising data quality or targeting precision.

“Our identity solution was built to support omnichannel, cookieless advertising from day one,” said Greg Field, CEO at Lasso. “Our new partnership with The Trade Desk allows us to bring  Lasso’s architecture for Unified ID 2.0 identification and targeting to the masses, guaranteeing a seamless transition to cookieless for the healthcare industry. Marketers can now rest easy knowing that Lasso and The Trade Desk are ready to power precise and compliant healthcare provider and consumer-targeted campaigns today and well into the future.”

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