Safe-T Introduces User and Entity Behavior Analytics Capabilities to the World of Software-defined Perimeter

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Bolsters Software Defined Perimeter Solution with User and Web-Based Anomaly Detection Technology

Safe-T Group Ltd., a provider of Software-defined Access (SDA) solutions for the hybrid cloud, announced the launch of its user and web-based anomaly detection product, named Safe-T Telepath. Safe-T has recently completed integrating the Safe-T Telepath as part of Safe-T’s Software Defined Perimeter (SDP) solution. The Telepath technology, acquired by Safe-T Data from Cykick Labs Ltd. in July 2018, is a proprietary technology aimed to recognize hostile attacks on web-based services through the identification of the users’ anomalous behavior.

The goal of Safe-T’s SDP solutions and “Zero Trust” platform architectures is to prevent access by malicious and unauthorized users to organizations’ internal services. However, according to International Data Corporation’s (IDC) report, 40% of cyber breaches actually originate with authorized users accessing unauthorized systems.

Therefore, a new breed of SDP solution is required, which not only prevents unauthorized users from accessing the organizations’ data and services, but of equal importance, tracks the behavior of authorized users and alerts on service misuse and anomalous behavior of authorized users accessing unauthorized systems.

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Safe-T Telepath was originated to answer the need to control authorized access to unauthorized resources. It is the first ever user and web-based anomaly detection technology designed for SDP solutions and Zero Trust architectures. Safe-T Telepath employs a hybrid approach based on rules and machine learning to identify suspicious activities.

Safe-T Telepath empowers cyber security teams with early access to actionable intelligence on emerging threats and comprehensive forensics capabilities, as well as insights into sophisticated attacks. It detects anomalies to stop fraudulent activities by understanding the normal behavior of application visitors and non-intrusively inspecting enterprise web application transactions.

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“Software Defined Perimeter solutions and Zero Trust architectures are designed to create a black hole around organizations’ services, by preventing unauthorized users from ever reaching them. With the percentage of authorized users performing unauthorized actions being so high, there is a growing need for a new type of solution” said Eitan Bremler, VP Technology at Safe-T. “Recognizing this need, we have worked to develop an answer and are now launching Safe-T Telepath as part of our SDP solution. The new product will allow us to provide our customers with robust protection against cyber-attacks, including external and internal threats.”

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